World's First Refrigerated Cosmetics

LG H&H introduces FROSTINE, a low-temperature cosmetic line containing no preservatives


LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) has released the world¡¯s first refrigerated cosmetics dubbed ¡°FROSTINE¡± that contains no preservatives and delivers skin care with the efficacy of polar organisms.
FROSTINE is the world¡¯s first low-temperature cosmetics, ¡°ICE-METIC¡± (ice+cosmetic).¡±
For the past two years LG H&H has made massive investments in infrastructure for producing FROSTINE, which contains antioxidants found in polar organisms ¡Æ¢â a production line with a different clean room to prevent contamination, packing and distribution and other systems tailored to produce low-temperature cosmetics.
LG H&H is the first company to explore the market of preservative-free, low-temperature cosmetics in a bid to escape the saturation of the Korean cosmetics market.
Preservatives in cosmetics pose problems since beneficial cosmetic ingredients, such as antioxidants, cannot be properly delivered to the skin because they are vulnerable to light and heat ¡Æ¢â breaking down or decomposing.
FROSTINE contains no preservatives, no harmful ingredients such as coloring, antiseptics, fragrances, or heavy metals. FROSTINE is certified as a 100-percent preservative-free cosmetic product.
In collaboration with the Korean Polar Research Institute, LG H&H introduced the patented non-toxic antioxidant substance ¡°Ramalin,¡± a compound isolated from the methanol-water extract of the Antarctic lichen Ramalina terebrata. The two bodies signed an MOU on the development of new substances last April. The plant, found 2,500 meters below sea level, lives in extremely cold conditions up minus 100 degrees Centigrade, and grows at a slow pace of 1 cm every 100 years. The plant can bud in such extreme conditions and creates strong antioxidants while being directly exposed to strong ultraviolet rays.
Ramalin is expected to enjoy popularity as a cosmetics item with strong anti-aging and antioxidant effects.
Ice-metic -- refrigerated cosmetics ¡Æ¢â is an optimal method for delivering materials active in low temperatures to the skin. Antioxidants that have been never available due to heat and oxygen are now well preserved in low temperatures of between 3-7 degrees Centigrade, and they can be better absorbed when the temperature of the skin returns from low points to normal levels.
FROSTINE has adopted a low-temperature mechanism in which moisturizing can be improved when the skin feels coldness. The cosmetic product also contains substances efficient for refreshing the skin.
An anti-contamination container has been designed exclusively for preserving such substances as antioxidants, and the new cosmetic product is distributed under refrigerated conditions.
Users can read the temperature and progress of the six-week expiration date after opening FROSTINE by pushing the button ¡°Time Strip.¡±
The new product is fitted with an airless pump for insulating the outside air and a double protection capsule. It is designed for use in normal household refrigerators.
FROSTINE is distributed after being specially packaged to keep inside temperatures at 10 degrees Centigrade or less for 30 hours, so customers can buy the new product from department stores or order it for home delivery. It will be available in department stores or on-line shopping malls starting from late May.

LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) has put on the market the world's first refrigerated cosmetics called "FROSTINE." LG H&H is the first company to explore the market of preservative-free, low-temperature cosmetics.

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