Hanjin Express To Widen Its Global Operations

The home delivery service firm plans to keep its operations in the U.S., China stable and expand to other regions

Hanjin Express has been steadily expanding its home delivery operation with tailor-made services and a strengthened global network for the delivery of goods, particularly in the United States, with the segregated services to its customers securing a unique competitive edge over its rivals. The company kicked off its U.S. home delivery operation with the opening of its first office in Los Angeles in 1989, followed by its wholly owned subsidiary in 1993. That was followed by the opening of 10 branches and over 200 cargo drop centers across the U.S. in addition to two cargo terminals in L.A. and New Jersey to provide multiple services to better serve customers¡¯ needs.
Hanjin Express is the only Korean home delivery firm that operates the services connected with major U.S. airports such as New York, L.A., Dallas, and Seattle. The company has a service to deliver goods to any point in the 50 states within three days. Its Super Express service can deliver goods within a day of their arrivals in the L.A. harbor including customs clearance. The company also has been operating the economy international delivery service for goods that don¡¯t need to be delivered quickly, especially for residents in Korean communities, Korean students in the U.S., and office workers. The company also operates a system whereby it will reimburse customers if deliveries of goods are delayed or discount the fees to guarantee the quality of its services.
Hanjin Express plans to keep its operations in the U.S. and China stable and expand it to such markets as Russia, Southeast Asia and CIS countries, among others in the future and sign cooperative tie ups with renowned foreign home delivery service firms to strengthen its global operational capacity. Last year, the company signed a cooperative agreement with Sakawa Global Logistics on the home delivery and all other logistics operations between Korea and Japan.
With a network of offices worldwide, CKYH and Evergreen signed an agreement to operate joint services by their member shipping firms in the European routes from this month.
Hanjin Shipping, a member of CKYH, will launch eight container shipping services in the Asia-Europe routes and four shipping services in the Asia-Mediterranean routes from March 1, the shipping company said on Feb. 12.
Hanjin cargo carriers will make calls at such European harbors as Rieca, Croatia, Cofer, Slovenia, Trieste, Italy, and other ports in the Adriatic Sea and Istanbul, Turkey, Constanza, Romania, and Alchevsk, Ukraine, among others, the company said.
CKYH member shipping firms will try to boost the joint shipping effects by responding quickly to market demands with member firms operating by its own schedule with the rational decision on the ports of calls and speedy operational schedule for their cargo fleets.
Hanjin Shipping is a global total logistics company transporting over 100 million tons of cargo annually with approximately 200 ships, including container, bulk, tanker, and LNG.
¡°With a network of offices located worldwide, Hanjin Shipping provides our customers with optimum logistics services and advanced global IT systems. Our service has enabled us to be recognized as the best logistics partner by many of the world¡¯s foremost companies,¡± the shipping firm said on its website.
¡°We are also a global terminal operator running 13 dedicated terminals and ODCY¡¯s in the world¡¯s major logistics hubs. We are expanding our logistics¡¯ network while remaining highly competitive in the world marketplace.¡±
Hanjin Shipping is Korea¡¯s largest and one of the world¡¯s top ten container carriers that operates some 60 liner and tramper services around the globe transporting over 100 million tons of cargo annually. Its fleet consists of some 200 containerships, bulk and LNG carriers.
With 6,000 employees in 60 different countries and 230 branch offices, Hanjin Shipping is building its global logistics network, which is also supported by the company¡¯s 13 dedicated terminals at the world¡¯s major hub ports and six inland logistics bases.

Hanjin Express President Seok Tae-soo

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