POSCO Chairman Chung¡¯s 2nd Term

Executive Vice President Park Han-yong promoted as CEO and President

POSCO shareholders approved a second term for Chairman and CEO Chung Jung-yang and the promotion of Executive Vice President Park Han-yong as CEO and President.
Following the approval of shareholders on March 16, POSCO inaugurated Chairman Chung¡¯s second term two-CEO leadership structure with new CEO Park, reducing from the previous quadriad system.
Executive Vice President Cho Nae-ha, Executive Director Park Ki-hong, and Executive Director Kim Joon-shik were newly-appointed inside directors during the shareholders¡¯ meeting, whereas President Choi Jong-tae, Executive Vice President Oh Chang-gwan, and Executive Vice President Kim Jin-il stepped down.
Chairman Chung has been credited with helping the world¡¯s third largest steelmaker overcome the current economic sluggishness. Under his leadership, POSCO has performed M&As at home and abroad to raise revenues and strengthen its competitive edge and presence in international markets. In the reshuffle, former POSCO President Choi Jong-tae was promoted to vice chairman and was transferred to president of POSCO Research Institute, while POSCO E&C Chung Dong-hwa is to be promoted to vice chairman and to be retained as CEO.
Ex-POSCO Executive Vice President Oh Chang-gwan was appointed president of POSCO Energy while Executive Vice President Kwon Young-tae was promoted to president of POSCO P&S. Executive Vice President Kim Sang-young was appointed president of Poreka.

( from left) POSCO Chairman & CEO Chung Jung-yang,; President & CEO Park Han-yong,; President Kwon Oh-joon,; POSCO E&C Vice Chairman Chung Dong-hwa,; POSCO Energy President Oh Chang-gwan,; POSCO P&S President Kwon Young-tae,; and POSCO A&C CEO Lee Pil-hoon

(from left)POSCO Research Institute President Choi Jopng-tae,; POStech Venture Capital CEO Choi Myung-ju,; Poreka President Kim Sang-young

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