Hanwha Aims at being Global Green Growth Leader

Group Chairman Kim stresses top three leadership tenets

Hanwha Business Group, marking the 60th anniversary of its establishment, looks to set a new future business vision to make another leap forward.
In his New Year message, Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-youn said, "Hanwha will grow into a global green growth leader by translating into action a vision centered around the photovoltaic power sector and overcoming crises."
Kim urged his executives and staff to make this year a year in which they can put into practice the conviction that 10 people taking a joint step forward is greater than each person taking 10 steps separately. First of all, the group plans to concentrate on steps to ramp up its corporate competitiveness on the basis of choice and concentration strategies, group officials said. The group strives to make this year the first year of its bid to build its own capabilities in its flagship business areas in the next decade by conducting the strengthening of its asset management and other innovative reforms.
The group plans to upgrade its organizational structure and systems to global standards in order to cope with flexible and creative convergence and "smart" trends. This year, the group plans to eradicate discrimination based on sex, grade classification, educational background, and regionalism and establish a corporate culture based on merit performance and dramatically reform personnel management systems.
In the message, Chairman Kim said, "We're ready to achieve the remarkable feat of celebrating the 60th anniversary of our establishment, and now is the time to make a bid to make another take-off."
"The business group should be committed to taking economic and social responsibility fully in conformity with its standing and it should be a leader in a future in which the Republic of Korea will be a super power," he said.
Kim stressed his top three leadership tenets creative, changing leadership; global green-growth leadership; and sharing leadership.
Regarding a creative, changing leadership, Kim said, companies should be on guard against being obsolete, so business, organization and manpower, everything, must be reformed.
To this end, Chairman Kim emphasized the development of core capabilities in mainstream businesses, which should be restructured from scratch by evaluating future growth potential in a thorough and cool-headed manner.
He reemphasized his group's long-term vision on photovoltaic power as a global green growth leader. "Despite a crisis, massive investments should be made, and we aim at becoming a leader in the global market within 10 years."
As to sharing leadership, he said, his business group implemented shared growth tasks such as its divestment of business areas classified as those suitable for SMEs and the establishment of a social welfare foundation during last year. He stressed that his group should put into practice shared growth and balanced development with local communities rather than the mere sharing of materials. nw

Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-youn

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