'New Perspective, New Thinking'

LS Chairman Koo announces 2012 management strategies

LS Group Chairman John Koo called for his executives and staff to have a new perspective and mindset.
In his New Year message released on Jan. 2., Koo said, "The year 2012 will still be an uncertain business environment and we will be faced with hardships. It will not be easy to overcome the business environment that unfolds ahead with the way LS Group has so far done."
He urged his executives and staff to be armed with a new perspective and mindset so as to help LS Group maintain sustainable growth.
Koo unveiled the group's 2012 management tenets: innovating corporate operation; securing growth opportunities amid changes; securing and nurturing futuristic manpower; and growing into a respectable corporation as means of ensuring LS' sustainable growth.
"In the past, growth could be attained when a boom period set in after a recession. Things may not go that way in the future, so we need to have improvements in business strategies, financial soundness; and corporate organization and culture to tide over the endless and great volatility," he said.
He noted that LS Group has more growth potential than any company in Korea and abroad and what can be done well or should not be done must be told with great wisdom to secure growth opportunities amid volatility and uncertainties.
Koo emphasized the nurturing of gifted manpower. "The foremost thing on the minds of managers of the 21st century is securing gifted manpower. Now is a time for wracking your brains for the pursuit of strenuous in-house manpower development and the securing of gifted manpower.
"Corporate roles should be stressed for the continuous growth and development of the state and society, and corporate contributions to society must be indispensable investments, not selective one, he said. LS Group's becoming a corporation respected by the state and society will likely result in its competitive edge rising much higher," he added. nw

LS Group Chairman John Koo

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