Customer Satisfaction Award for Gas Safety Corp.

Company wins the award at 37th National Quality Management Convention

Korea Gas Safety Corp. won the Presidential Citation Award for Customer Satisfaction at the 37th National Quality Management Convention held on Dec. 13 at Coex in southern Seoul.
President Jun Dae-chun said, "We at KGS are deeply honored that our company won such a huge award at the convention considered a top quality management award in Korea."
The Ceo Jun said we won the award because of our continuous effort to provide better gas safety service to the people as a public entity devoted to safety management. Jun said every one at the company will take the occasion to upgrade the quality of our service and service products by a notch so that the company can be reborn as a company that will always be with the people to continue its operation as a global professional gas safety organization under our best efforts.
GSC set up in 1974 has been engaged in protecting lives and properties of the people through its education on the gas safety education institute, and the Gas Safety Research Institute and their local branches and regional offices totaling 27 throughout the country.
Its major business areas include inspection and check up of gas products from petrochemical plants and the facilities to use them, and issuing certificates. It also analyzes gas related accidents, carry out researches on gas development and education on gas safety and public relations on gas safety.
As the only professional organization on gas safety in Korea, the company chose the customer satisfaction as its core keyword in its management policies. The company also chose professional, liability, unique, and service as four major values in its operations.
It also carried out an overall reform of its customer satisfaction and customer charters to provide balanced service to the people as a state organization and a gas safety inspection organization under a strict legal boundary.
The company is capitalized at 48.5 billion won with annual turnovers of 106.4 billion won projected for 2011 and with 1,128 employees. nw

President Jun Dae-chun of Korea Gas Safety Corp.

Officials and staff of Korea Gas Safety Corp. led by President Jun Dae-chun pose for a photo session after the company winning the Customer Satisfaction Award at the 37th National Quality Management Convention at Coex in southern Seoul on Dec. 13, 2011.


A view of Korea Gas Safety Corp. office building.

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