'Job Creation, Integration of Society'

Prime Minister Kim delivers his New Year message

Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik said the government will redouble its efforts to stabilize the general public's standard of living, create jobs, and integrate society. In his New Year message, released on Dec. 30, Prime Minister Kim said, "The government will put its heart and soul into keeping a watchful eye on the national economy so that all people may be made happy as well as to provide support to low-income earners." In particular, he expressed his hope that the national economy will take a leap forward on the basis of its potential and the pride in ushering in an era of $1 trillion in trade, becoming the ninth country in the world to do so, and his wish for the general public's standard of living to improve.
Kim said he will do his utmost in making society one filled with hope and warm-heartedness as well as protecting people's precious lives and properties with a solid national defense posture as well as to open a new future on the Korean Peninsula.
The prime minister said, "The people's understanding and their consistent support are required in order to carry out these goals without a hitch, and people are asked to encourage me and all of my officials to do their utmost. "I wish your family's health and happiness on the occasion of the first morning of the Year of the Black Dragon. There were numerous hardships in 2011, but I hope the nation will make the year 2012 a year full of hope, as a dragon rises over the sky," he said. nw

Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik delivers his New Year message at a ceremony to launch the 2012 business year.

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