Great Honor for KITA Auditor

Standing auditor Yoon given credit for exploration of Korea's export market during his long-career

Standing Auditor Yoon Jae-man of the Korea Investment and Trade Association (KITA) won the Order of Industrial Merit, Tin Tower in recognition of his achievements in the exploration of global export markets for Korean products during his long career.
He has been credited with informing the government about the problems of exporters and coming up with ideas to resolve them. When he was the customer service manager of KITA, he managed the 119 Support Team during the global economic crisis and helped KITA directors travel around the country to hold sessions with regional exporters at their plants. During these sessions they would listen to exporters'problems directly and inform the trade authorities of the problems and possible solutions.
He also had his hands in revitalizing regional exporters by strengthening their bases by training personnel engaged in international trading and supporting SME exporters with online and offline overseas marketing.
As the manager of the Gwangju Branch in South Jeolla Province, he set up and ran a lecture class on international trade for local university students and young employees of SMEs in the region. He also started online and offline overseas marketing in the age of the internet, which is inexpensive and can be done from anywhere. His initiative encouraged regional SME exporters to confidently explore overseas markets for their products.
As the KITA Trade Promotion Section Head, Yoon also was given credit for his various activities to expand exports during the foreign exchange crisis in 1998, realizing that earning more foreign exchange will help overcome the crisis which hit the export industry hard, causing many to go belly up, the loss of many jobs, and firms undertaking tough restructuring to weather the crisis.
Yoon also was recognized for his work to strengthen Korea's international competitive edge by devoting himself for a long time to such matters as technology reform, the regulation of unfair trade practices and advancing trading regulations. nw


Confirmation of Great Work for Coex

Executive VP Park wins an order for his contribution to growth of trade exhibition industry

Executive Vice President Park Jae-hwan of COEX won the Order of Industrial Merit, Tin Tower at the 48th Trade Day ceremony held on Dec. 12 at Coex, Seoul, for his contribution to the growth of the trade exhibition industry in Korea with his career stretching for over quarter of a century with Coex since 1984 boosting the rights and interests of trading expansion and the trade industry, said the citation for his winning the medal.
From the early years with Coex, the medal winner made an outstanding contribution to the construction of a number of monumental trade exhibition centers in Korea including Coex(Convention and Exhibition Center in southern Seoul), World Trade Center, Seoul, and since 1996 to the development of the trade industry in Korea.
He was also credited to have expanded the rights and interests of the international exporters and related firms through transparent and stable management of over 60,000 member firms while he was with the audit and the general affairs dep'ts of Coex.
The Coex executive also made a huge contribution to increased number of trade exhibitions and international conferences and exploration of export markets by attracting foreign buyers and the promotion of trading activities while he was holding various positions including the strategic management office and the permanent audit office of Coex and the Coex center operation headquarters in 2010.
In particular, Park showed his ability in attracting and preparing for large international conferences including the Seoul G-20 Summit and upcoming 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul and other pan-national international meetings in Korea, boosting Korea's international prestige and at the same time, strengthening Korea's export capacity under the Korea Premium brand name in the world. nw

A general view of the COEX building.

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