Samsung Electronics Wins $65 Export Tower

Excellence in quality of products, chips and home appliances, cited among the electronics maker's achievements

Samsung Electronics Co. first developed the 64M DRAM semiconductor chip in 1992 and followed it with the development of the 256M DRAM in 1994 and the 1G DRAM in 1996, four major semiconductor chips consecutively, and the company has continued to maintain the top position in semiconductor chip manufacturing in the world for the 19 years since then, the citation for the company's achievement announced on the 48th Trade Day ceremony on Dec. 12 at COEX in southern Seoul. The company won the $65 billion Export Tower during the ceremony.
At the same time, the company has been engaged in the development of new technologies for system semiconductor chips, which has been weak compared to the memory chip sector. The company's long efforts have paid off by winning the top position again in such areas as DDI, mobile CIS, Smart Card, and AP, among others.
Through such efforts, the company secured the top place in the chip industry and has been boosting Korea's prestige with a huge contribution to the nation's economic development with its exports of memory and system semiconductor chips from July 2010 through June 2011 rising to $27.5 billion, up 30 percent YoY. The company, while increasing its exports, have also had a huge impact in aiding the growth of equipment and raw materials makers, strengthening their industrial base in cooperation with government policies for shared growth between both small and large firms and, in the end, boosting the global competitive strength of Korea's semiconductor industry.
In the area of electronic home appliances, the company has been a top maker in the premier home electronics market, particularly in the United States in the sales of FDR refrigerators and drum washing machines, boosting Korea's prestige and helping the growth of the national economy. The company is expected to continue to boost its fame in the global home electronic appliances market with its products through customer-oriented marketing strategies.
Fast Company magazine in the U.S. named Samsung Electronics a top reformative firm in the area of consumer products in 2011. The company also had six products named as top in their category in the GCSI ratings in 2011. Additionally, the Korea Productivity Center named the company the most respected in the area of home appliances in Korea in 2011.
The company has also been lauded for its segregated products and design competitiveness that helped to increase its exports, boosting the excellent quality of Korean products and thus Korea's image.
Its two-door smart refrigerator with LCD and wireless ran with the largest capacity and high energy-efficiency; its all automatic washer; screen robot; cleaner; and Zippel ceramic oven, which won the antiseptic certificate for the first time in the world. nw

President Lee Myung-bak, left, presents the Export Tower Award to Vice Chairman Choi Ji-sung of Samsung Electronics Co. for exporting $65 billion worth of electronic and IT products this year during the 48th Trade Day ceremony held on Dec. 12 at Coex in Seoul.
Photos on courtesy of Samsung, KITA

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