New Cultural Facility
on Baekryong Island

Boomin and 6th Marine Brigade open Digital Cultural Hall inside the compound on the island for residents and soldiers

Boomin Culture Sharing Co. and the 6th Marine Brigade have opened the 'Digital Cultural Hall' on Baekryong Island on Nov. 2 in a ceremony held at the auditorium of the marine compound attended by hundreds of residents including children on the island and officials of the Ministry of Defense including the commanding officer of the marine brigade and Vice Chairman Hwang Ui-joon of Boomin.
Boomin and the Defense Ministry signed a cooperation agreement to build the Digital Cultural Hall in the military compounds around the country in May to satisfy the demand for cultural activities by officers and soldiers of the military forces designed to develop their sensibility and upgrade the quality of life of the soldiers and the marines stationed on Baekryong Island and 5,000 islanders. The digital facility is the 50th one to open throughout Korea.
The opening of the digital cultural facility on the island has been truly a significant one for both the Defense Ministry and Boomin as the culture sharing business is in its fourth year and the marine units and residents on the island and other islets nearby will benefit from the cultural facility.
Before running the film, "Transformer 3" following the ceremony, Poet Kim Yong-taik's writings on "Mountain" and "Let's Think Together " with "food for conscience' as the major subject and photos by famous photographer Bae Byung-woo known by his pine tree photos were shown in films.
Boomin has been carrying o its cultural sharing project without support from the Defense Ministry.
A marine sergeant Park Hyun-jin, 22, said, he was surprised that he and others including fellow marines and residents can enjoy the same kind of cultural event even on Baekryong Island like they are on main land and he hopes to see many popular movies in the hall as it has the same kind of system that they have on main land.
Baekryong County Chief Kim Jong-sob said residents on the island took more than four hours to go to see movies on mainland by ships and they would be very pleased if the auditorium in the military barracks is opened to them on weekends and show movies.
The Digital Cultural Hall has a large screen 15 meters across and 8 meters high with a 5.1 ch stereo sound system, on the same class as those in major cities in the country.
Every week, various kinds of cultural contents will be shown at the digital hall for young marines and islanders, especially, children and youths. The contents would include new films and following cultural contents before running the films.
"Food for Conscience" for citations of poems written by poet Kim Yong-taik, well known as the poet of Somjin River, Nun Lee Hae-in and poet Ahn Do-hyun, among other well-known poets in Korea.
"A cup of Tea" with well-known figures: short films will be shown including those on the late film star Audrey Hepburn, the late Rev. Martin Luther, among others, such as well-known thinker Kahlil Gibran.
"Let's Think the Same as Us": running films and reading very good writings on environment issues and sharing with isolated neighbors. "Reading Arts with Mind": Photographer Bae Byung-woo, famous painter Jeon Gwan-young, and Kim Chang-yul, among others, would show their art pieces through digital films.
"The Latest Music Video": Various kinds of the latest music videos will be shown at the digital hall's large screen along with other cultural contents. On Nov. 5, residents on the island many of them children and young people had a chance to view a film, "A Hen in Garden," the first of many good films to follow. nw

A group of soldiers from the 6th Marine Brigade and officials of Boomin Culture Sharing Co.led by Vice Chairman Hwang Ui-joon, along with local officials on Baekryong Island raise tfheir arms to congratulate the opening of the Digital Cultural Hall inside the marine compound following a ceremony on the island on Nov.2
Photo on courtesy of Boomin Culture Sharing Co.

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