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9th Int'l Travel Mart to run Dec. 8-11 at KINTEX to provide tourism info and products for Gyeonggi Province

The 9th Gyeonggi International Travel Mart (GITM) will be held from Dec. 8-11 at KINTEX in Goyang to offer valuable information and tour products of Gyeonggi Province as well as other Korean and overseas destinations. Under the slogan "Winter Family Tour,"special winter tour packages are being provided by leading tour agents as well as local governments and foreign countries. The 'Beauty Festival' will be another hot issue for young ladies who have just finished the university entrance exam and their mothers.
Custom-made tourism information and special price for winter tour!
At the GITM, visitors can compare various tour products from home and abroad and purchase custom-made tours packages. So far, at most travel fairs in Korea the travel agents and exhibitors were only promoting their products and destinations. However, at the GITM, Korea's top 10 tour agents are there to consult and provide 'custom-made' tourism information and specially discounted tour products. In the Overseas PR Pavilion, more than 20 countries including China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and others will meet and entertain the visitors.
Let's enjoy the Winter Tourism Festival
At the GITM, visitors can discover various winter tourism events in the winter theme programs provided by local governments such as the Trout Festival in Hwacheon, the Jack Frost Festival in Pocheon, and the Sing Sing Winter Festival in Gapyeong. In addition, winter sports equipment including skis, snowboards and more will be available at discounted prices.
Beauty Festival Let's meet the beautiful New Year
The 'Discounted Open-market' will greet the young ladies and their mothers with cosmetics, hair, fashion, and nail-art products. Also, their will be experience programs such as a beauty fashion show, hair art show, natural cosmetics making, beauty painting, and accessory making, etc. In addition, various other tourism experience programs will be waiting for visitors. The experience pavilions for farm stay, ultralight airplane, paragliding, mountain biking, and camping will provide participants with a good memory and a satisfying experience.
The 9th GITM is hosted by Gyeonggi Province and is co-organized by the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, Gyeonggi Tourism Association, and KOTFA Co., Ltd.
Free entrance for all visitors.
For more detailed information, visit the official home page of the GITM at www.gitm.or.kr
For the first time in Korea, an old unused railway line and bridge have been converted into a cycling trail along the South Han River in Gyeonggi Province. It is the first sector of a planned 702 km cycling trail that will run across Korea.
Gyeonggi Province celebrated the opening of the cycling trail with VIP guests including President Lee Myung-bak, First Lady Kim Yoon-ok, Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon-soo, Minister of Justice Kwon Jae-jin, Minister of Public Administration and Security Maeng Hyung-kyu, and Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Kwon Do-youp. Two-thousand cyclists from various clubs assembled to witness the opening of the South Han River Cycling Trail.
The South Han River Cycling Trail opened just seven months after its construction began in February as part of the Save the Han River Project, using disused railway tracks and a metal bridge. The trail covers a 26.8 km stretch of old railway line between Paldang Station in Namyangju and Yanggeun Bridge in Yangpyeong County. The project cost 23.9 billion won, which came to 16.2 billion won in government funds, 3.27 billion won in provincial government funds, and 4.43 billion won from city and county offices.
Now, the cycling trail that used to connect Seoul and Paldang Station has been extended to Yangpyeong, which is expected to stimulate the economies of Namyangju and Yangpyeong and also to boost the number of cyclists.
Governor Kim and other VIP guests rode their bikes down 9 km of the newly opened track.
In his congratulatory speech, Governor Kim said, "The South Han River Cycling Trail is truly magnificent. Thanks to the Save the Han River Project, the South Han River and the North Han River have recovered their cleanliness, flooding has been prevented, and a nice public area along the river has been created. I am sure the local residents are delighted."The governor persuaded President Lee to support Gyeonggi Province's plan to rejuvenate 2,700 streams and rivers in the province. nw

A scene from the dance performance by native dancers from Africa at the 8th Int'l Travel Mart hosted by the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization last year at Kintex, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.
Photos on courtesy of Gyeonggi Tourism Organization

GITM displays various tour products from home and abroad and purchase custom-made tours packages.

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