41st National Day of the Sultanate of Oman

Strong Ties between Oman and Korea

The following is an article contributed to NewsWorld by Ambassador of Oman, H.E. Mohamed Al Harthy, on the occasion of Oman's 41st National Day- Ed.

This Nov. 18, the Sultanate celebrated its 41st National Day continuing its modern renaissance with strongly steps maintaining the starting power to achieve its goals, in which the development and prosperous are the forehead, the happiness for the Omani citizens, and enhancing the national joint between the leader H.M Sultan Qaboos and his fellow Omani citizens across the nation.
With the will and the ambitious, the road of the development in the Sultanate is entering new stages towards more development in the government's modern institutes in order to fulfill the continuation of the economic and social progress, according to the aims and the ambitious of the Omani citizen in the second decade of the 21st century. That makes the Sultanate a model referred to at the domestic and abroad levels.

Oman-Korea relation and cooperation:
Oman-Korean relations goes back to more than thousand year when the Omani merchants met their Korean counterparts on their way to China, and in modern age, both countries have started cooperation and established diplomatic relations in 1974. Since then, Oman-Korea relation had witnessed a remarkable development in various fields.
Korea is regarded as a major trading partner of Oman, and at present both countries engage in numerous economical exchange and cooperation. Oman provides large quantities of crude oil and LNG to Korea which forms the major energy source for the Korean industries; on the other hand, Korea exports many industrial products, including automobiles, vessels, hi-tech electronics and electrics to Oman. Moreover, many Korean companies contributing to the development of Omani infrastructure by constructing varies plants, ports and other major projects such as the above mentioned Duqum Port by DSME, Barka and Sohar plant by GS, Sur Plant by Daewoo, Duqum Airport by Hanjin, Musandam Gas plant by Hyundai, etc. Furthermore, the two nations are participating in some joint investment projects in Oman, Korea and other countries. All these kind of cooperation has consequently resulted in the rise of high level of visit exchanges between the two countries.
During 2010, the export of Oman to Korea reached to approximately 4.1 billion US dollar mainly Oil, Gas and Aluminum. Whereas, the Republic of Korea export has reached to approximately 664 million US dollar mainly automobiles, electronics, electric items, petrochemical and construction equipments.
It is important to mention here that the Oman-Korea Joint Committee is playing very pivotal role in promoting and developing the cooperation between the two nations. During the meetings, of the second round which was held in Oman last year, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Omani businessmen and their Korean counterpart, an agreement to set up the Omani-Korean Joint Businessmen Council which is expected to accelerate the cooperation and investment between Oman and Korea. In addition, many other MOU under discussion in various fields including the Capital market and small and medium business. Also, many other topics have been discussed which opens new horizon of cooperation such as renewable energy, education, health, information security, tourism and cultural exchange.
To reflect the strong ties between Oman and Korea, H.E Sayyid Badr bin Saoud AlBusaidy, Minister responsible of Defence Affairs paid an official visit in late October through the invitation extended to him by the government of Korea where he attended the ADEX2011 and met with the minister of National Defence and discussed the cooperation between Oman and Korea and promote it to various fields including military fields. In addition of His Excellency's visit a number of high level visit were exchanged between the two countries including H.E Mohamed Al-Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs participation in the UNCCD.
To promote cultural exchange, the Embassy of Sultanate of Oman in Korea is keen, in participating in many events and exhibitions to highlight the cultural, tourism and civilization landmarks of the Sultanate of Oman. In this context, a photo exhibition entitled "Feature from Oman" has been organized by the Embassy of Oman in Korea in coordination with KAS and Oman Journalist Association at COEX, attracting thousands of visitors. The exhibition comprises 200 photographs selected in order to reflect various environment of Oman including social, civilized life aspects and daily life. It also contained Oman natural features with spectacular scenes of different perspectives of nature, geography, topography and tourism aspects.
Oman Embassy in Korea also organized a Fashion Show showcasing Omani traditional and modern costumes while displaying a collection of selected heritage and traditional products made of silver, fabrics, pottery and palm leaves handicrafts that reflect the deepness of Oman civilized and artistic history. The colorful Oman costumes where performed by Korean model which gave splendor and beauty to the show through the harmony of the Omani and Korean culture.
On the other hand, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Sultanate of Oman held a 'Korean Traditional Dance' performance . The event is hosted by the Korea-Arab Society and held as a part of the 4th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in Oman. The dance troupe consists of members of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Island) Dance, which performed a fan dance and a Buk (drum) dance in addition of some beautiful Korean dresses has been performed. These cultural events provide people of both nations the opportunity to promote understanding and friendship between the two countries.
Due to the importance of cultural exchange program, coordination is taking place with concerned authorities in Oman and Korea to schedule numbers of exchange visits of students and employee to promote the understanding of culture, tourism and explore further opportunities of cooperation between Oman and Korea.
With no doubt, that cultural exchange is an important factor in bridging civilization and enhancing understanding among people. The sphere is opened for both countries to work together to explore the cooperation opportunities in this field by participation in the tourism exhibition, exchange visits and cultural and art festival beside investment in the tourism projects in both countries.
The potential of cooperation is wide and spacious between the two countries, and there are new horizons for strengthening and enhancing the inter-trade between the Sultanate and the Republic of Korea. The Sultanate of Oman welcomes the Korean investments particularly in the field of technology-based manufacturing and petrochemical industries, in addition to, the fields of mining, oil exploration, telecommunications, services and machinery, as well as, heavy and small equipment beside renewable energy. In addition, the area of cooperation is widely opened to enter into many joint ventures projects and investment whether in Oman or in Korea or any other country, and it is hoped that the Business Council which was formed last year will play a major role in this partnership.
In conclusion, I would like to say that during these blessing days of the 41st National day, Oman is proudly witnessing the achievements made by the hands of its people under the wise leadership of H.M Sultan Qaboos.
On this occasion, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Korean government and people for the achievements that have been made in various areas, which are being felt everywhere, and the role of Korea in addressing issues of local, regional and international level besides hosting international events and conferences.
Also, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the Korean people and government for their cooperation, kindness, generosity and hospitality they have extended to us since our arrival in this great and beautiful country. Thanks and appreciation also extended to the News World who has made this supplement possible.
Last but not least, I would like to invite the Korean people to visit Oman, explore the culture, tourism land marks, adventure and also invite the Korean companies to participate in the investment opportunities of various projects. I'm confident that our relations and cooperation in the coming days will witness further enhancement and development. Ultimately, my heartfelt wishes to Korea to further success and progress and for the Oman-Korea relation further development and prosperity. nw

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
Photo on courtesy of the Embassy of Oman

(left) The Omani ambassador chats with Vice Minister of Education, Science and Technology Seol Dong-geun. Ambassador of Oman. H.E. Mohamed Al Harthy poses with foreign ambassadors present at the party to celebrate Oman's National Day at Seoul Shilla Hotel on Nov. 18.
Photos by NewsWorld

(left) Omani Amb. Mohamed Al Harthy explains his country's scenic views on display at the Oman's National Day event to Vice Minister of Education, Science and Technology Seol Dong-geun at the Seoul Shilla Hotel on Nov. 18.The Omani ambassador shakes hands with NewsWorld Publisher-President Elizabeth M. Oh
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