3rd Chemical Industry Day Observed

Korean chemical industry is expanding its environs to explore new businesses such as photovoltaic power, secondary batteries and biosimilars

Approximately 400 people from government and chemical industry circles and academia assembled for a ceremony to mark the 3rd Chemical Industry Day at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on Oct. 31. The anniversary event coincided with the 8th Chemical Frontier Festival.
Among those present were Minister of Knowledge Economy Choi Joong-kyung; Chong Bum-shick, chairman of the Korea Petrochemical Industry Association (KPIA) and concurrently president of Honam Petrochemical Corp; Kim Hwa-yong, chairman of the Korea Union of Chemical Science and Technology Societies; Kim Jae-hyun, president of Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology; Son Seog-weon, president of Samsung Total; Kim Bahn-suk, president of LG Chem; Hong Ki-joon, president of Hanwha Chemical; Cha Hwa-youp, president of SK Global Chemical; and other chemical industry representatives.
In his opening speech, KPIA Chairman Chong said, "Today's anniversary event is significant in conjunction with the International Year of Chemistry, declared by the United Nations." The Korean chemical industry is a key industry to buttress the Korean economy, providing 420,000 jobs and ranking top among manufacturing industries in terms of exports, he added. The industry accounted for 13 percent of the value of the nation's total exports, estimated at $466.4 billion in 2010 and took up a 17.9 percent share in the manufacturing sector in terms of production.
By making the most of the technology and experiences the Korean chemical industry has accumulated so far, Chong noted, it is expanding its environs to explore new businesses such as photovoltaic power, secondary batteries and biosimilars, thus taking the lead in the knowledge-based industry in an era of convergence.
MKE Minister Choi said in his commemorative speech, "The Korean petrochemical industry is striving to address our pending energy and climate change issues and spearhead the knowledge-based industry." Korean petrochemical companies should ramp up their global capability to beat their counterparts from China and advanced countries in the ever-rising competition, he added.
Hanwha Chemical President Hong was honored with the Order of Industrial Service, Silver Tower in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Korean chemical industry while Yoo Myong-bong, vice president of InkTec, was awarded the Industrial Service Medal.
Kim Il-hwan, managing director of Samsung Global Chemical, and Lee Kyu-jung, executive director of Yeochun NCC, were presented with the Presidential Award.
The Prime Minister's Award went to Choi Jae-yul, president of OCI, Chung Soon-yong, senior researcher at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, and Yoo Byung-won, executive director of Hanjin Chemical.
The 8th Chemical Frontier Festival took place at the same time with about 13,000 students from across the nation in attendance.
The festival, which has been jointly organized by Samsung Total, Honam Petrochemical Corp., LG Chem, and Hanwha Chemcial since 2004, was aimed at enhancing awareness toward the chemical industry and nurturing next-generation leaders.
During the festival, 53 students, nine professors and three schools were presented with prizes. nw

(left)MKE Minister Choi Joong-kyung confers the Order of Industrial Service, Silver Tower on Hanwha Chemical President Hong Ki-joon in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Korean chemical industry. The prize winners at the 8th Chemical Frontier, which coincided with The 3rd Chemical Industry Day anniversary event. Chong Bum-shick, president of Honam Petrochemical Corp.
Photos on courtesy of MKE

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