Energy Conservation, Efficiency Essential for Overcoming Power Shortage

A total of 112 individuals and bodies win diverse awards at an energy conservation rally

Vice Minister for Trade and Energy Kim Jung-gwan stressed the need for conserving energy and improving energy efficiency to overcome a power shortage crisis feared to hit this winter and realize greenhouse gas reduction goals. He made the remarks at a rally to encourage energy conservation at the Convention Center of 63 City in Yeouido, Seoul, on Nov. 17 with 500 people in attendance.
Kim announced steps to strengthen energy efficiency guidelines on electricity-gulping products and to remove false and exaggerated advertisements on electric heaters during winter as part of efforts to ensure a transition to a less energy-consuming economic and social structure and help all economic parties make energy conservation activities part of their daily lives.
He urged all people to cut down on electricity consumption by 5 percent on a voluntary basis and public organizations to meet their energy conservation goals fully so as to stop electricity consumption from rising to a peak during winter to prevent the repetition of the Sept. 15 nationwide emergency power stoppage.
At the rally, 112 individuals and organizations were presented with diverse awards in recognition of their contribution to energy conservation and the improving of energy efficiency.
The coveted honor went to Huh Soo-young, president of KP Chemical, who was honored with the Order of Industrial Merit, Silver Tower, in recognition of having invested 34.7 billion won into the installation of energy equipment and implementing energy service company (ESCO) projects for the past five years, which have led to reducing energy costs by an estimated 27.4 billion won.
Yoo Tae-kyung, president of Lumens, was awarded with the Order of Industrial Merit, Bronze Tower, for localizing core light emitting diode (LED) parts and securing original technologies, thus contributing to the development of the domestic LED industry and ramping up its price competitiveness.
Kim Jung-won, managing director of Samsung C&T, was presented with the Order of Industrial Merit, Iron Tower, for introducing eco-friendly energy technologies such as power lighting control systems and geothermal cooling and heating units to reduce energy costs by 50.7 billion won.
Sohn Hak-shik, vice president of Korea Energy Management Corp., was awarded with the Order of Industrial Merit, Stone Tower, while the Industrial Medal went to Chung Yoon-young, managing director of Hynix Semiconductor; Lee Geun-tak, executive director of Korea Southern Power Co.; Shim Wan-sup, chief of SKC Company's Suwon plant; and Lee Im-shik, CEO of Kumho ENG.
The Presidential Award went to three organizations GS Caltex for cutting a combined 300,000 TOE for the past five year to save energy costs by 167 billion won; Kumho P&B Chemicals for developing new energy conservation technologies and improving processes to save energy costs by 37.5 billion won; and Toray Advanced Materials Inc. for conducting innovative energy conservation activities such as the introduction of Energy Management Standards (EnMS) to reduce energy costs by 12.6 billion won.
Five people, including Lee Jung-pyo, a team head of LG Innotex, also won the Presidential Award.
In particular, energy officials, housewives, teachers and employees were presented with awards for improving processes and introducing new technologies to conserve energy.
A broadcasting network announcer won the Prime Minister's Award for enhancing public awareness toward energy conservation by broadcasting energy conservation campaign programs.
The rally, inaugurated in 1975, is held in November every year with the goal of reawakening the value of energy conservation and translating pledges to conserve energy into action in order to cope with crude oil price hikes and climate change as well as to build a foundation for the low-carbon, green growth paradigm. nw

(left)Dignitaries, including Vice Minister for Trade and Energy Kim Jung-gwan, participates in a rally to encourage energy conservation at 63 City in Yeouido on Nov. 17. Kim presents a prize to one of the 112 award winning individuals and bodies at the event.
Photos on courtesy of MKE

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