QR Code for Home Delivery

Korea Express comes up with new facility to locate home delivery goods on smartphones

Korea Express Co. has installed the QR code to trace where goods are located while being delivered by its lorries, the company said on Nov. 19. It only takes the scanning of its QR code to locate where the delivery is being made, the company said.
Mrs. Kim Jong-hee, 35, used to send goods to her parents through a home delivery service and had to input long strings of numbers on the internet homepage of the home delivery company, making it time consuming and difficult to pinpoint the location of her shipment.
Korea Express' new QR code has made that unnecessary because it is simple to find where the delivery is located by simply scanning the QR code printed on the delivery order receipt using a smart phone. The company will go further in the near future and make the QR code to automatically arrange for the return of goods if recipients don't want them.
In the past, Korea Express introduced the mobile delivery goods paper printer to send the delivery papers to offices or homes, cutting the time to prepare the delivery papers. With the introduction of the QR code, it eliminated the need to input the delivery numbers to find the location of the goods being delivered. Officials of the trucking company said the realization of a smart home delivery service will lead the company to continuously enhance the system further in the future so that the customers can use it with more comfort and convenience.
The company was the first in the industry to introduce the home delivery application and set up its mobile homepage, leading the smart revolution in the logistics industry in Korea.
In the meantime, Korea Express opened its Korea Express BND 2nd Stage Logistics Center at New Busan Harbor on Nov. 4. The new logistics center is made of two one-story buildings with a total space of 13,200 square meters on 27,700 square meters of land, which is about four times larger than the international standard football field with enough room for storage containers.
The logistics center, located in the back yard of the New Busan Harbor with easy access by vehicles, can provide segregated services to link with the company's nationwide logistics facilities, rail, land transportation and harbor stevedoring services.
Outstanding features of the second stage logistics center include wide doors and high ceilings so that large trucks can enter it, and it has a 660 square-meter storage area for dangerous materials and provides all kinds of storage conditions for a variety of cargoes.
Korea Express BND takes advantage of its location inside the free trade zone and will be ready to provide diverse, high value-added services including leveling, packaging and assembly for goods traded between Korea, Japan, China and other countries.
Korea Express expects its business capacity to be further strengthened with the opening of the second stage logistics center located right by its first stage logistics center, as Korea Express BND will offer logistics services suitable for all kinds of cargoes.
Additionally, Korea Express announced recently that it has been named the operator of the two new berths at the New Harbor in Yongil Bay with the capacities for two 20,000 ton-class cargo ships. The new wharfs at New Harbor in Yongil Bay is scheduled to be finished next month with a length of 420 meters and total space of 126,000 square meters with the capacity to handle 1.2 million tons of cargoes annually.
The company aims to help make Yongil Bay the hub of the Pan-East Sea Rim for trade with the north and using its logistics know-how accumulated over the past 80 years to smoothly handle cargoes coming in and out of the bay and the Pohang area, including the Pohang Industrial Complex. The company also secured the operation rights for the coal wharf in Gunsan Harbor and wharfs 2, 3 and 4 in Daesan Harbor on its way to expanding its harbor infrastructure. Korea Express currently operates container wharfs for 78 berths, general cargoes and other cargoes. nw

Top executives of CJ Corp. led by President Lee Kwan-hoon, center, are at a press conference on June 29 to announce CJ Group's takeover of Korea Express early in the year.
Photo on courtesy of Cj

Photos show how the home delivery service by Korea Express works and the company introduced the QR Code to find the location of the goods on home delivery on smartphones.
Photos on courtesy of Korea Express

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