STX Secures Huge Canadian Project

STX Shipbuilding to build non-combat vessels worth 9 tln won as part of Canada's CA$33 bln naval project; Chairman Kang discusses STX shipyard operation in Dalian, China with Chinese Vice Premier Li










Chairman Kang Duk-soo met with Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang during an official luncheon at Hotel Shilla on Oct. 26 hosted jointly by the four major business associations including the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI). Kang and Li discussed the future plans for the development of the group's shipyard in Dalian, China, run by STX Offshore and Shipbuilding, which is also of concern to the Chinese government as the shipyard employs many Chinese workers.
The group said STX Offshore and Shipbuilding has won the rights to participate in the large shipbuilding project worth CA$33 billion, involving the construction of both military and non-combat ships for the Canadian government as well as the rights to secure oil fields in northern Canada.
The holding company of STX Group will be able to participate in the 9-trillion won shipbuilding project to be ordered by the Canadian government and take over an offshore oil well off the coast of Canada to expand its overseas oil drilling business.
A consortium including STX Canada Marine, an affiliate of STX Offshore and Shipbuilding, is about sign an agreement with the Canadian government for the construction of the vessels with Seaspan, a Canadian shipbuilder, the group said.
The Canadian government has been studying a huge project to build 15 escort ships and cruisers and from six to eight icebreakers and coast guard vessels in the coming 25 years. STX Canada Marine will participate in the construction of non-combat ships worth 9 trillion won including joint naval drill support vessels, icebreakers, marine exploration vessels and experimental fishing vessels, among others.
Meanwhile, STX Dalian is solidifying its position as a mecca of offshore plant construction by consecutively building offshore plants.
First, it held a delivery ceremony for a drill ship, the Noble Globe Trotter, on May 18. The drill ship, ordered by Noble Drilling Holdings in 2008, is STX's first offshore plant and the first ever to be built by STX Dalian. The vessel can perform drilling in water up to a depth of 40,000 feet with a maximum drilling depth of 10,000 feet. In addition, the vessel's stability is maximized with the application of DP-3, the highest-level Dynamic Positioning System specified by the IMO.
Following the delivery ceremony, a keel laying ceremony for a second drill ship of the same type was held on May 26. STX received this additional order from Noble Drilling Holdings in August 2010. Having successfully delivered the Noble Globe Trotter, STX will prove its competitiveness again in the world's offshore plant market requiring high-level technological capability through the construction of this second drill ship.
In addition, STX Dalian held the launch ceremony for a super-large FSU on May 22. STX received the order for this 335,000 DWT-class super-large ship in October 2008. nw

Chairman Kang Duk-soo of STX Group.
Photo on courtesy of STX

A view of the Oasis of the Sea built by STX Europe sailing for the sea.
Photo on courtesy of STX

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