Great Honor for K-water

Company wins Green Management Award for its dedication to keep reservoirs and ecology clean

Korea Water Resources Corp., one of the winners of the Green Management Award from the Ministry of Environment, has been following environmentally-friendly policies since 2002 under its slogan Creating a Happier World with Water. President Kim Keun-ho said the company has completed various projects both long and short-term to make Korea stronger in water resources including the strategy to create a new water management paradigm based on water friendly ideals.
The water resources company's environment management is now focused on creating environmental value through greenhouse gas emissions rights deals and clean water development systems by precluding risks above legal environmental result management.
The company also built a system to counter climate change and a carbon management system to preserve diverse ecological systems and to prevent both flood and drought damages.
The company has also been working on the control of water quality in reservoirs around the country and their surroundings, especially around dams, to make them environmentally friendly and green in fulfilling their duty of preserving health and the environment.
The company has already been recognized among the top in the area of management of clean water reservoirs by winning the 5-Star certificate from the U.S. Tap Water Association for its "K-water" brand potable water, the first water management company outside the U.S. and Canada to win such a certificate.
The company also won the MAKE (Most Admired knowledge Enterprises) Award given to the top global knowledge management corporation by continent based on the pursuit of green management for the fifth year in a row.
Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-water) had a marvelous year last year and will have a big event this year including the opening of the Arabet Canal linking Seoul and Incheon in October among other events.
Last year, K-water whittled down its debt to 75.6 percent of its total assets, which amounted to 184.844 trillion won and its debts down to 79.60 trillion won. The company's capital stood at 105.237 trillion won as of the end of last year. The company reported total income of 2.314 trillion won last year and net profit of 142.1 billion won with expenses amounting to 2.172 billion won.
The budget for this year has been set at 8.419 trillion won, up 5.7 percent from last year including investment funds of 6.50 trillion won, up 1.1 percent from last year, and 78.8 billion won for other expenses, up 5.5 percent from last year. A total of 411.1 billion won has been allocated for other projects, up 282.8 percent from last year.
The Arabet Canal project was 69 percent completed as of February with the work on the inside walls of the terminals completed and the beginning of the work on the waters gates. The dredging and shore protection projects, except on main waterways and bridges, have been finished.
K-water's major projects include the Four Rivers Restoration Project and the completion and opening of the Arabet Canal linking Seoul and Incheon.
This year, the Four Rivers Restoration Project will be completed on the Han, Naktong, Youngsan and Keum rivers before the rainy season so that the annual flooding of those rivers can be prevented.
The river restoration project has been divided into 33 smaller projects with the Naktong River having the largest number of projects at 18, followed by the Youngsan River with seven projects, and four each for the Han and Keum rivers. K-water has directly taken charge of 13 projects, while the remaining 20 projects have been assigned to private construction firms and local administrative organizations.
K-water plans to complete seven projects on streams by the end of this year with 68 percent completed as of Feb. 29. Dredging and weir construction work are planned to be completed before the rainy reason, which is July in Korea. nw

President Kim Keun-ho of Korea Water Resources Corp.

A view of the Korea Water Resources Corp.

Photos on Courtesy of K-water

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