In full Winter Swing

Cold weather is welcome news to winter sports lovers at High1 Ski Resort with ski slopes covered with soft snows

Kangwon Land and Casino is the only casino and sports complex in Korea that are allowed to admit domestic customers to enjoy the fantastic game and sports facilities the resort has. High1 Ski Resort is uniquely prepared to welcome both foreign and domestic customers for them to have pleasurable experiences at its well-built and wonderful ski slopes and other sports and entertainment facilities.
There are three mountain peaks in High1 Ski Resort, Jisang Mountain Peak (at 1,345m) connected to the Baekwoon Mountain, the valley top (at 1,376m) and the mountain hub (at 1250m). High1 Ski Resort runs various courses from novice to global-standard slopes approved by FIS. Just by looking at the global-standard slopes, skiers will feel excited, the resort said. The valley course through the valley hub to the Valley Condominium is the largest slope at 4.2km (with 645m of altitude difference). This slope is almost straight and slightly tilted, which makes it perfect for novice skiers, the resort said.
High-technology Lift and Gondola Systems
Three gondola systems: each car of which can accommodate eight passengers. Six (high-speed) chair-lift cars: each of which can accommodate four people. One 302m-long T-bar system for pairs. These may seem a small number, but their accommodation capacity is high. The shortest lift distance is 1221m, and two gondola cars cover more than 2.5km each. High1 Resort is the only ski resort in Korea which runs three gondola systems, High1 Resort officials said.
KoreaOs First Para-ski School and International Standard Ski Slops
The keyword of the High1 Ski Resort is 'para-ski.'
High1 Ski Resort is designed for the disabled to enjoy skiing without experiencing any inconvenience. The ski slope was built based on the belief that a ski course which physically challenged people can conveniently use can also be conveniently used by non-disabled people. Moreover, High1 Ski Resort has two internationally recognized global-standard slopes. High1 Ski Resort can hold para-ski games, freestyle games and other international games and provides a training slope for Korean national ski team players.
Fast Safety Measures
At High1 Ski Resort, the patrol station is located on top of the mountain (Mountain Top and Valley Top). Moreover, emergency telephones are installed on the sides of the slopes with emergency medicine so that skiers can immediately make a call to the emergency room in case of an accident. For novice skiers, High1 Ski Resort has a gentle slope which starts from the top of the mountain. While most ski resorts do not provide a magnificent view from the top of the mountain for novice skiers, High1 Ski Resort provides ski slopes starting from the top of the mountain both for novice and advanced skiers. In particular, all family members can enjoy skiing on the same slope.
Skiers do not need to hang their lift passes or show them at the lift gate. An automated system equipped with the lens-free gate will detect the skierOs paper RF card (lift pass) even when the card is inside the skier's packet.
Kangwon Land is the only place where domestic customers can enjoy casino of the 17 casinos in Korea.
"You could enjoy fantastic casino atmosphere in foreign countries only in the past, but now you can play at Kangwon Land Hotel & Casino," the resort says in its introduction page at its Website on the Internet.
51 percent of Kangwon Land Corp. is owned by four regional autonomous governments, Gangwon-do Development Corp. established by the provincial office of Gangwon-do, and Korea Mine Reclamation Corp. under the supervision of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. So the casino has a government level credit rating and practices fair and transparent management in development projects and business operation.
The tourism industry will continue to grow due to the sharp increase in national income, advanced tourist/leisure activities and more foreign tourists using marine and air transportation will visit Korea. Along with other natural tourist resources and sites currently being planned and developed, Kangwon Land will become one of the main tourist sites in Korea.

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