STX Ready to Roll

Strategies set to achieve increase in new orders and sales, searching for new growth areas


Chairman Kang Duk-soo of STX Group

Chairman Kang Duk-soo of STX Group in his New Year speech, said this year is a special as it is the 10th anniversary year for the group, whose targets for securing project orders and sales have been set at 39 trillion won and 30 trillion won, up 30 percent and 15 percent respectively from last year. The group got new orders valued at 30 trillion won and 26 trillion won in sales last year.
"This is the year for the group's starting point for its second take-off and if 2010 was the year for drawing up maps for future development, this year concentrate all we have to achieve our goals by strengthening our core strength," the chairman said.
The group set this year's management theme as "strengthening core capabilities for a second take-off," which means strengthening manufacturing capacities; focus on growth of newly entered markets; nurturing manpower; search for new growth engines and continued growth; creative challenge and settlement of corporate culture; all five strategic tasks that to be taken up by the group this year.
The group has decided that its future to be top-class world enterprise group depends on its manufacturing base and thus needs to secure new technologies, quality of its goods, and competitive costs, along with meeting delivery dates on time for the satisfaction of its customers, which needs to be heightened greatly.
The group will also try its best to consolidate its successful operations in the new market countries and regions that it began operating in recent years including Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Australia and find new growth engines through the successes of its operations in those markets.
The group will also focus on education of its new employees to upgrade their professionalism deciding that talented personnel are at the center of its successful operations worldwide.
The group has also set up strategies to find new growth engines as soon as possible being aware that no products can be eternal amid the rapidly changing industrial paradigm taking into account markets, customer needs and its business capacities to come up with the most appropriate new business motors for the group. As the group has creativity and challenge as its corporate culture, it will encourage officers and staff free thinking while challenging and awarding them so that it will make up the group's unique corporate culture.
Chairman Kang swore that the group will implement its five key objectives this year and through them achieve getting 39 trillion won worth of new orders and annual sale of 30 trillion won. "Let's make the year 2011, the foundation stone for the group's leap toward to be a top-class conglomerate in the world after 10 years with annual sales revenue of $100 billion," the chairman cried out.

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