'Ramping Up Global, Strategic Management'

KOGAS CEO delivers New Year's message stressing strategies to expand presence in gas-related fields, build a global gas vertical integration and conduct R&D activities

A view of the New Year's gathering.

Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) President & CEO Choo Kang-soo said his corporation plans to expand its overseas business horizons in order to become a world-class energy company.
In his New Year's message, President Choo said, "We plan to continuously carry out strategies to expand our presence in gas-related fields, build a global gas vertical integration and conduct R&D activities."
"During this year, our corporation will employ diverse strategies to cover the whole value chain of the gas industry ranging from the exploration of oil and gas, development and production to transportation, supply and sale. We're going to make inroads not only into the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia and Canada, but also into Africa and South America, which are emerging as resources-rich repositories, and we're also going to push ahead with our entry into the exploration and development of the Arctic Circle."
Choo said KOGAS has come from strength to strength to surpass 30 million tons of natural gas in sales last year for the first time since its inception by supplying natural gas to 160 districts across the nation. The KOGAS staff's excellent operation and technological capability in the natural gas production, supply and construction fields and diverse experience as the world's biggest liquefied natural gas importer have become KOGAS' precious assets, he noted.
Looking back to last year, he said, KOGAS was able to fortify its standing as a safety management corporation when its terminal in Incheon was awarded the Presidential Prize, the top honor of the 2010 Korea Safety Grand Prix. KOGAS also won the Energy Industry Grand Prize and it ranked sixth in the Fortune list of energy companies, becoming the first public corporation to receive the honor.
In addition, KOGAS did not spare efforts to become a public enterprise that extended a helping hand by having natural gas charges for the underprivileged and social welfare facilities deducted and undertaking the "KOGAS Onnuri (Whole World) Project," designed to provide support to the installation of heating facilities.
He added, however, "KOGAS should do not rest on its laurels and must keep on going forward, and environment and competition conditions are expected to make us put forth more efforts and undergo changes."
Speaking about the core tasks KOGAS will implement during this year, Choo first called for attaching top priority to ensuring a stable supply of natural gas by maintaining optimum conditions and safety at facilities. The construction of pipelines in terminals and 35 districts and a plan to supply natural gas to 17 newly designated areas will have to be carried out without a hitch.
KOGAS will brace itself for policies to invigorate and accelerate new and renewable energy businesses in keeping with climate change pacts while preparing strategic R&D activities on the commercialization of dimethyl ether (DME) technology, green technology linked to LNG projects and natural gas convergence technology.
Third, he said, KOGAS will strive to improve its brand image by ensuring financial soundness and nourishing specialized manpower.
Fourth, he said, KOGAS will devote itself to creating a work environment of mutual understanding, sustainable organization and dynamic creativity.
Fifth, he said, the corporation will spearhead a drive to share love in order to make society warm and fair.

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