'A Quantum Leap'

KONEPA earns reputation in promoting atomic energy in the world

KONEPA Chairman Lee Jae Hwan declares 2011 as the year for making a quantum leap at a ceremony to launch the 2011 business year at the KONEPA conference room in Seoul.

Executives and staff members of KONEPA pose for the camera at a ceremony to launch the 2011 business year.

Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency (KONEPA) Chairman Lee Jae Hwan declared the year 2011 as the year for making a 'Quantum Leap'
Chairman Lee said in a speech at a ceremony to launch the 2011 business year at the KONEPA conference room in Seoul on Jan. 3, "Our agency made remarkable achievements during the year 2009, dubbed 'The Year of Rebirth,' and during 2010, dubbed 'The Year of Another Leap' thanks to your ceaseless efforts. Now let us make the year 2011 a year for making a quantum leap, based on the achievements we have made so far." Looking back at past achievements, he said that KONEPA became the world's first nuclear power promotion agency to sign an MOU with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and it also joined the World Nuclear Association (WNA) and was praised each by the OECD/IEA and OECD/NEA for making remarkable achievements after receiving a briefing on KONEPAOs publicity activities. KONEPA made achievements in promoting nuclear energy by participating in the Poland Science Picnic, the Black Sea Korea Culture Festival in Turkey, organizing the Korea-Malaysia Nuclear Forum and setting up the Korea Nuclear Power Pavilion in Malaysia.
Lee said KONEPA has accumulated experience through its effective publicity activities abroad and has upgraded public awareness and established a solid reputation.
However, he warned that KONEPA should not undermine its honor by neglecting little things, and making big things a success could result from starting with little things.
KONEPA Rated Top in 2010 Public Entity Customer Satisfaction Survey
Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency (KONEPA) has been selected as a top-rated public entity in the 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
KONEPA scored 93.1 points out of the possible 100 in 2010, up 4 points over 2009, to rise to the coveted top-rate standing of "Excellent" among the four grades. The average score of the surveyed public entities was 89.1 points.
By taking the top seat, KONEPA plans to further promote public understanding of nuclear power by expanding the foundation for public confidence through an active customer-oriented mindset and an overall improvement of services.
The customer satisfaction survey was conducted among a total of 164 public entities-21 public enterprises, 78 quasi-government organizations and 65 other public bodies.

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