'Keep on Going Forward'

KHNP President Kim unveils tasks for the power company in 2011

(KHNP), gives a speech at the ceremony to launch the 2011 business year. A view of the event.

Kim Jong-shin, president of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP), has urged his executives and staff members to keep on going forward by capitalizing on the achievements the power company made last year.
"Starting this year, our company has become a market-oriented public enterprise. It will not only serve as an opportunity for KHNP to raise its standing as a full-fledged public entity with 30 trillion won worth of assets, but we are also faced with challenges of unlimited competition. With its consolidation of seven pumping-up power plants, we're growing bigger, and if we further enhance management efficiency KHNP will be a nuclear power and hydropower company far more beloved by the people," Kim said.
In his New Year's message, Kim urged his executives and staff members to redouble efforts to land more nuclear power construction projects by securing capital and technological prowess and competing with advanced nuclear power states, saying that the global nuclear power renaissance comes as KHNP's opportunity.
Looking back to last year, the president said 2010 was a year for facing a plethora of difficult tasks, but remarkable achievements were also made. KHNP managed to operate 20 nuclear power units safely while continuing the construction of the ongoing eight new unit projects, and the UAE project has progressed without a hitch. The KHNP also ranked top in a management assessment for the third straight year and first in an integrity survey.
Kim said, "We have to make resolutions anew to meet public expectations through the continued exporting of nuclear power plants and achieve our mission as a mainstay energy source under the low-carbon, green growth paradigm." He then issued the following management goals to pursue "in order to make the year 2011 a year of pride and significance."
First, he called for ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants. KHNP has overcome numerous hardships during its 40-year history in the nuclear power field, and the safe operation of nuclear power units have greatly contributed to the development of the national economy and improving the quality of people's lives. KHNPOs excellent nuclear power operational prowess and achievements have become the subject of global attention and all segments of the industry will have to make sure to spread awareness of nuclear power safety.
Second, Kim urged his executives and staff members to complete the construction of the new nuclear power units on time. The UAE project is a significant stepping stone to pave the way for Korea's entry into foreign markets, and all at KHNP have to join forces in making the project a success, and continuous improvement of construction methods are needed for the timely completion of the project.
Third, he called for enhancing a global competitive edge. KHNP will have to take on foreign world-class nuclear power players by arming its employees with a global mindset and by ramping up capability and efficiency while striving to maximize the efficiency of project implementation. KHNP needs to secure technology self-sufficiency completely and technology competitiveness in the global nuclear power market by successfully implementing the core tech development project dubbed "Nu-Tech 2012."
Last, he said, KHNP will have to step up efforts to obtain confidence from interested parties. KHNP will have to strengthen publicity activities and contact with the general public to give a better understanding of nuclear power so that a project to secure another site for building a new nuclear power complex can be pushed ahead without a hitch. KHNP must make flat-out efforts to take full social responsibility as a public entity, he said.

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