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Daewoo Securities captures gold award of Dasan Financial Award 2010 in the area of securities industry

President Im Kee-young of the Daewoo Securities Co.

Daewoo Securities Co. won the Gold Award of the Dasan Financial Award 2010 in the area of the securities industry with its first half operating profit running up to 208.9 billion won and net income 152.3 billion won, becoming a top leader in the securities circles in Korea last year.
The securities firm has been cited as becoming very competitive in the retail business of its operation in particular, along with investment banking, and trading leading the industry in those areas. The company led the industry in brokerage for seven years in a row and also in the issuance of ELS for four years in a row.
In the investment banking sector, the company managed the initial public offering of Oriental Life Insurance Co., the first life insurer the company handled in the IPO. The company also acted as the representative manager for IPOs for Korea Life and other companies.
In August, last year, the company opened the largest trading center for securities , bonds and derivatives, in addition to foreign exchange and other dealing units under the same roof including some 200 dealers and support personnel.
For 40 years of KoreaOs financial history, we have led the Korean securities market, creating maximum value for customer satisfaction and shareholder profit. Now, Daewoo Securities is taking another leap towards a greater future. Expanding our role from a leader in the securities industry to become a pioneer in financial services and a world-class leading securities firm, advancing the development of KoreaOs capital market, we are poised to start a new era of financial service.
Based on our cutting-edge competitiveness recognized by the financial service industry, we will create and lead a market where the highest profits are made through trust and principle. A company that attracts customers, a company that sets new standards in financial services, a company that paves the way for development in the Korean financial industry, that is Daewoo Securities. We will spread our wings to deliver greater satisfaction to our customers and shareholders.
Daewoo Securities is a leading full-service investment firm offering a wide range of financial services in South Korea, such as securities trading and brokerage, underwriting, asset management, and international corporate finance. The company has a stronghold in the brokerage market and is a viable top IB player in the Korean market.
Since its establishment in Sep1970, the company has grown to include 3,261 employees in 129 branches and six overseas networks. Today, it ranks among the nationOs top domestic brokers, with the highest market share in brokerage business with around 9% in terms of commission revenue. The company also has its competitive advantage in underwriting, and is moving further to build a strong track record in principal investments etc. Also it sustains the highest level of net figures in the Korean Securities Industry. In close cooperation with Korea Development Bank, room remains for greater synergy ahead. Code of Ethics is high-standard principles matching the global standard. We, all the officers and employees of Daewoo Securities, eradicate unethical conduct by practicing principle-based businesses, and endeavor to enhance corporate values and to contribute to the sound development of the financial market by
customer-, employee- and shareholder-based ethical management.
Code of Ethics is the standard for our value judgments and conduct, and we have duties and obligations to comply with and practice it.
By actively practicing Code of Ethics, we make Daewoo Securities born again as the one with the highest ethical standard in Korea and solidify its foundation as "a leading company with trustworthiness and respect".

* We shall respect all state and local values, comply with all state and local laws and regulations, and execute businesses to conform with the development of local communities.
* We shall lead advanced finance establishing fair financial order and shall reject irrationality which hampers healthy businesses.
* We shall strictly comply with OAct on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of SecrecyO not to produce a bona-fide victim.
* By strictly report of laundering illegal funds in accordance with Laws related money laundry prevention, we shall prevent criminal acts and endeavor to establish healthy and transparent financial order.
* We believe voluntary contribution to society is a social responsibility of Daewoo Securities and participate in various social service activities. We shall secure, support and encourage colleaguesO sound and voluntary participation in social service activities.
* We shall provide equal opportunities of employment to everyone and shall not discriminate on the basis of school relations, sex, religion, regionalism, age, disability, marital status, nationality, or race.

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