'Shared Growth, Toward an Advanced Country'

MLTM Minister Chung announces the 2011 goals and top 5 tasks

MLTM Minister Chung Jong-hwan gives a speech at the ceremony to launch the 2011 business year.

Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Chung Jong-hwan delivered his New Year's message in which he pledged to attach priority on the unwavering implementation of the Four Rivers Restoration Project and regulatory reform in such areas as housing and urban sectors.
Looking back to his three years in office as the MLTM minister, Chung resolved on Dec. 31, 2010 to keep on focusing on the reinvigoration of the economy and the construction of the territory based on the green paradigm.
He unveiled the MLTM's 2011 goal: "Shared Growth, the Realization of an Advanced Global Leader," as well as the top five tasks; enliven the territory with the completion of the four rivers restoration projects, the creation of sustainable jobs, stabilizing housing for those in the low-income bracket, green growth and the advancement of the national marine industry.
Chung said, "Our ministry's major tasks are the important jobs we cannot make light of in order to ensure people's happiness and sustainable growth." He added, " If we join forces in collecting our capability, just as we have done so far despite difficulties, the tasks can be accomplished amazingly."
In this regard, the minister called first for a push for building a system to dramatically reduce budgetary wastes so as to improve the efficiency of budgetary execution on the part of ministry-affiliated public organizations. Second, he said, numerous restrictions imposed on such areas as municipality, construction and housing should be changed fundamentally in a way people can feel. Third, he said, the MLTM will have to enhance public satisfaction by aggressively implementing policies favoring and exciting people.
Last, Chung appealed for his ministry officials to create the ministry's image of environment, culture and sensitivity, shedding its ingrained image as strictly a civil engineering department.
He urged his ministry officials to implement policies on the same wavelength as the people and supplement their policies with new values corresponding to the times.
"The creation of new values can initially come with efforts to break the mold, and we have to have their integrated way of thinking and creative ideas, overcoming partitions we as well as others have set up,O he said. OFor instance, approaching the Four Rivers Restoration Project with simple civil engineering thinking cannot meet their desired goals, and if they are supplemented with efforts to restore the nature, culture and humanity, their true values can be realized. When we make sincere efforts to create new values in all areas, public and historical assessments of us will make differences."?

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