New Dimensions in Objects

Artist Lee shows his unique mastery in various mixed media works to capture viewers attention











































"I see plain stuff, which has been confined to people¡¯s unconsciousness, and put some meaning into it. I have tried to escape from ordinary views, searching for new dimensions of objects around me,¡± says artist Lee Jin-hyu on the concept of his art.
The artist, with a unique background, having earned a master¡¯s degree in art from the University of Madrid, creates mixed media pieces filled with his creative artistic talent which awaken the viewers with deep impressions on what he had to say in his mixed media pieces.
He said his keen interests are focused on how to express the objects that he interpreted with different perspectives. He said he has tried to recreate the meaning of the things scattered around him. He said he enjoys experimenting using different methods such as splitting the space on the canvas. He continues to say that he pursues the historical and ethnic traces through his works, which are mingled with the new ideas and directives of the society he lives in.
The artist said his works are blended sentiment derived from the mixture of conventional painting and digitalizing culture that has become a fact of life. He said he found a new way of painting, which is based on the classical way of thought.
Dr. Shim Sang-yang, an art critic, said Lee¡¯s art world has two different worlds that coexist, taking turns of opening and closing, as the low and high tides of conception and abortion exist together.
While the images of narrow crooked roads are internally created, the black-latticed frames confine the surface of his works, the critic said.
The two different roads that form the connotation and denotation on his diversified works seem rather disharmonious, but are tuned into his world as the dual allegories, the art critic commented.
Professor Beatris Blasco of Madrid Bellas Artes in Spain, in her critique of Lee¡¯s works, said, ¡°We might take a guess at one thing from his works of art hidden in dual allegories. It seems to be chaotic to us, like from a Spanish bullfight to ornaments made of horns, from ancient Arabic letters written in complicated symbols to Korean Hunmingjeoneum, and form Da Vinci¡¯s Mona Lisa, to contemporary interpretations of Mondrian, which could be his desire that might not be compatible with the surroundings, but still in an orderly manner.¡±nw

Meaning of Existence: 900x230x60cm:glass plate, film, aluminum, and beeswax and spotlighting:2010

Meaning of Existence:145.5x291cm; mixed media on canvas: 2010

Meaning of Existence: 130.3x 97cm : mixed media on canvas: 2010

Meaning of Existence:116 x 91 cm: mixed media on canvas: 2010

Meaning of Existence: 72.7 x 60.6 cm: mixed media on canvas: 2010

Meaning of Existence: 53 x 45.5 cm: mixed media on canvas: 2010

Artist Lee Jin-hyu

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