For Timely, Stable Supply of Nuclear Fuel

KNF forms Fuel Working Group with UAE to ensure that nuclear fuel supplied to nuclear power plants in UAE are stable, timely, and price competitive

















KKorea Nuclear Fuel Co. has been putting its right hand to businesses in preparing for its exports of nuclear fuel to four new nuclear power plants to be built in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Korea.
The company held a rally on April 22 with its officers and staff to wish for the timely supply of nuclear fuel to those new nuclear power plants, which are slated to go online from May, 2017 and also for successful undertaking of mid-to-long term cooperative plans with the UAE in the area of nuclear fuel.
The officers and staff of KNF at the rally held at the company¡¯s ¡°Hanmaum Hall¡± resolved to make thorough preparations for showing global top-level nuclear fuel technologies and price competitiveness to the world as well as ensuring excellent quality and safety of those nuclear fuels, dedicating all of their energy and passion that went into technology development, stable supply of nuclear fuel and the successful operation support of the nuclear power plants at home.
In the meantime, Korea and the UAE formed the Fuel Working Group to ensure a smooth supply of nuclear fuel for the new nuclear power plants and held the first meeting in Seoul and Daejeon early in March which included a tour of KNF¡¯s high-tech nuclear fuel production facilities as part of the group¡¯s detailed negotiations on the supply of nuclear fuel. nw

KNF President Kim Ki-hak

(right)Korea Nuclear Fuel (KNF) holds a rally on April 22 with its officers and staff to ensure the timely supply of nuclear fuel to the nuclear power units, to be built at the United Arab Emirates by Korea. Two KNF staff representatives make an oath to KNF President Kim Ki-hak during the ceremony.

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