Korea Business Pavilion Showcases ¡®Green Technology¡¯

Twelve Korean companies join forces in a bid to gain recognition from Chinese









True to Korea¡¯s national paradigm of low-carbon, green growth, Korea¡¯s Joint Corporate Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010, which opened on May 1 for a six-month run, highlights environmental-friendliness with the latest digital and electronics components.
The pavilion is built with the concept ¡°Together We Make better¡± under the theme ¡°Green City, Green Life¡± to indicate that Korean and Chinese companies are advancing together toward a better future. Externally, the pavilion, a three-story cubic one with spirals, looks like a dancing woman dressed in traditional Korean costume, swirling sangmo, which wraps the whole unit in waving shapes to embody a virtuous cycle of humanity, environment and civilization. The synthetic resin wrapping the outside of the pavilion will be reused after the closing of the expo to make shopping bags for the Chinese general public.
A 10-miniute event, dubbed ¡°A Snowing Shanghai,¡± spraying artificial snow above the pavilion is presented twice daily as a surprise to Shanghai citizens who rarely see snowy weather.
The 12 exhibitors at the pavilion, located in the D-zone in the Expo Puxi region, are Kumho Asiana, Doosan, Lotte, Samsung Electronics, Shinsegae E-mart, POSCO, KEPCO, Hyundai Motors, Hyosung, LG, SK Telecom and STX. Korea and Japan have their respective joint corporate pavilions for the first time in Expo history. The pavilion has 4,012 square meters in floor space on a site area of 3,000 square meters.
The Korean business pavilion has a goal of attracting a combined 4.3 million spectators during the expo period ¡ª a daily average of 23,000 visitors.
No wonder most Korean companies recognize China as one of the most important business partners ¡ª the latter is emerging as one of the G-2 economies with the United States. China also expects Expo Shanghai to serve as a good opportunity to enhance its national economic standing to the world following the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Korea posted $86.7 billion worth of exports to China during 2009, accounting for 24 percent of the value of the nation¡¯s total exports, while importing $54.2 billion from China, accounting for 16.8 percent of its combined imports.
An official of the Korea International Trade Association said if this expo serves as an opportunity for Korean companies to gain brand recognition from the Chinese, it could boost exports through making inroads into the market.
Here is a peek into the Korean pavilion¡¯s attractions during the expo period.
Opening in four directions in consideration of Shanghai¡¯s humidity and high temperature, the first floor of the pavilion welcomes visiting spectators with a huge 5.5x6m mosaic frame comprising 50,000 aluminum mirrors, each 2cm in diameter, which is dubbed ¡°The Dream of Mirror.¡± It displays image advertisements of the 12 participating Korean exhibitors.
The escalator on the first floor takes spectator to the third floor in which they can tour five exhibition spaces to watch the 12 exhibitors strut their stuff on green technologies and social contribution activities in China. The exhibition rooms are fitted with an interactive touch screen and a 16 meter-wide supersize multimedia wall.
A cylindrical multimedia tower comprising 192 LCD monitors, identical to the number of exhibitors participating in the expo, which measures 6.5 meters in height and 4.8 meters in diameter, stands at the center of the space created by the spiraling slope leading to the second floor from the third floor. Spectators can watch a six-and-a-half-minute video showing Koreans and Chinese building the ¡°Green City¡± together.
Exhibitors¡¯ video screens are divided according to the five exhibition themes. Doosan and POSCO show videos on the infrastructure of a future city under the theme ¡°Life,¡± while KEPCO and Hyosung display videos on sustainable clean energy under the theme ¡°Cleanness.¡± Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors and LG Electronics feature diverse exhibitions on the green city with advanced intelligent technologies under the theme ¡°Wisdom,¡± while Lotte, Shinsegae E-mart and SK Telecom display videos showing a pleasant, happy urban life under the theme ¡°Pleasure.¡± Kumho Asiana and STX show videos on exchanges with other cities under the theme ¡°Bridge.¡±
Making the greatest use of its sole location along the Huangpu River, the Korean pavilion, designed with such fascinating architectural inspirations, is sure to emerge as one of the scenic landmarks of the expo site. The pavilion also shows off breathtaking night views. Facing the Expo Art Center and the Chinese Pavilion, the Korean business pavilion serves as a night landscape observatory.
It is manned by 88 Korean supporters who have studied or now study in China to promote Korean-Chinese economic ties and publicize various Korean concerns¡¯ image and activities. nw

President Lee Myung-bak tours Korea¡¯s Joint Corporate Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai as Korea International Trade Association Chairman Sakong Il looks on.

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