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Samsung Electro-Mechanics 2009 sales up 30 pct at over 5.5 tln won and sets up plotting board dep't at Pusan U.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., posted a record sales in 2009 amounting to over 5.505 trillion won on consolidated basis with operating profit at 465 billion won and net profit over 278.5 billion won, the biggest since 2000 when the IT market reached its summit, the company said recently.
Compared to 2008 records, the sales figure is up 30 percent, operating profit up 239 percent and net profit up whopping 479 percent.
The Samsung affiliate said the sales of MLCC, ceramic condensers, power supply equipment and LED increased sharply to help expand the annual sales in such a manner, the largest in a decade.
Also contributing to the huge sales increase has been the strict control of expenses including production costs of all products, in particular, during the 4th quarter of 2009 where the sales came in at 1.55 trillion won, operating profit at 136.7 billion won and net profit 85.7 billion won, up 33 percent, 246 percent and 908 percent YoY respectively.
To look at the sales figures by the product sector, the basic plate sector posted 345 billion won in sales in the 4th quarter, about the same as the same period in the previous year, the LCR sector recorded 352.3 billion won, up 84 percent on the strength of increases in the sales of such mobile phone parts as MLCC, pushing the annual sales of the product over 1 trillion won for the first time in the company's history.
The OMS section recorded 225.6 billion won in sales, down 20 percent YoY, but the CDS section posted 410.3 billion won in sales, up 40 percent YoY thanks to continued growth of the power products and wireless solution products.
The company has been pursuing the "SEMCO 2X" strategy to make its operation more effective in terms of costs and increase profits since last year to sustain higher growth on continuous basis. The SEM 2X strategy means speed, efficiency, market share, and Cost saving, twice more than in the past to boost the position of the company in the world.
The strategy has been focused on the four key sections of the manufacturing, in addition to energy, environment, bio, and other futuristic growth motors.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. signed an agreement with Pusan University to train professional manpower by setting up the electric circuit academy dep't from the second semester of this year at the university.
Plotting board is like a human body with blood vessels and delivers electric signals through delicate holes in the plastic parts to metallic parts. CEO Park Jong-woo and Chancellor Kim In-sae will have the company and the university cooperate to manage the plotting board dep't to train technical manpower in such key areas as theories, production, and manufacturing process at college and graduate levels to the extent that master's degrees will be awarded to those who complete graduate courses in manufacturing process and design.
The company will provide full scholarships to the qualified students at both college and graduate school levels and graduates will be fired by the company upon their graduation to help them to concentrate on studies while in college and graduate schools.
The company hopes its tie up with the university would go a long way in establishing a successful model of cooperation between academia and business and help make the plotting board business a top-class in the world.
The company felt that the industrial academic research center launched at the university contributed to the growth of the plotting board good enough to lead to the opening of the plotting board dep? at the university and plans to expand its cooperation with the university for the development of next-generation plotting board businesses and manpower training led by the university.
Chancellor Kim said the next-generation plotting board industry would fuel the economic growth of the Gyeongsang provincial region and turn out plotting board experts by attracting the attention of the people in the region on the business.
In the meantime, the company will continue to maintain its plotting board business headquarters located in its Busan business headquarters inside the Noksan Industrial Complex in Gwangseo ward in Busan and has been producing high value-added semiconductor and cell phone boards at the center so much so that the semiconductor boards have been leading the world since 2007. nw

President Park Jong-woo of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.

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