Hyundai Consortium Wins Shin Ulchin Units 1&2 Project

HDEC teamed up with SK E&C, GS E&C to land the project




























A consortium led by Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. (HDEC) has been selected as the contractor for the construction of the Shin Ulchin Nuclear Power Units 1 and 2 with the APR (Advanced Power Reactor) 1400, a 1,400MW-class reactor.
HDEC teamed up with SK E&C and GS E&C to outbid three consortia, headed by Daewoo E&C, Samsung E&C and Daelim Industrial.
HDEC takes up a 45 percent stake in the winning consortium, followed by SK E&C with a 30 percent stake and GS E&C with a 25 percent stake.
HDEC has a track record of having built 12 out of the 20 nuclear power units now in operation across the nation. The company is currently building Shin Kori Nuclear Power Units 1&2 and 3&4. The contractor is also participating in a project to build two nuclear power units in the United Arab Emirates with the same type reactor as the planned Shin Ulchin Nuclear Power Units, Korea's first overseas nuclear power plant project.
SK E&C is working on the construction of Shin Kori Units 1&2 and 3&4 with HDEC, while GS E&C is joining the Shin Wolsong Nuclear Units 1&2 projects.
The HDEC consortium said it will successfully complete Shin Ulchin Power Units 1&2 by making the most of the experience and expertise the contractors have accumulated while implementing the Shin Kori Nuclear Units 3&4 projects since the former adopted the APR 1400, the same type of reactor as the latter.
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. said it will put top priority on ensuring safety with the winning consortium in order to make the new nuclear power plants top quality.
The project will be launched with site ground leveling in April. The planned Shin Ulchin Units 1&2 are to be on line in June 2016 and April 2017, respectively, to contribute to meeting rising electricity demand in the late 2010s.
Approximately 6.2 million man days will be mobilized during the construction, contributing partly to shoring up the local and national economy. nw

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