Samsung's 'E-Cube
'Raemian-Style Residence

Samsung affiliate introduces new style of residence at an annual meeting announcing new products and technologies

Samsung Corp.'s construction division announced the Raemian-style of apartment on Sept. 30 to show that the 'E-Cube'will be a future residential housing trend as it is built with technologies designed to save energy in an environmentally-friendly atmosphere.
The Raemian-style residence is also designed to facilitate energy recycling, use natural construction materials, raise energy effectiveness to the maximum and is highly efficient so that it will be the most appropriate living space, as it is designed taking into account the five key elements in modern residential housing construction, the company said.
Samsung Corp." construction division was the first firm to apply the geothermal system in residential construction and the first company to introduce the replacement energy system using a small air exhaust system with wind and also power generating windows made with upgraded geothermal and solar cells.
The construction division created the E-Cube to always be ready for sudden weather changes and to immediately put into use the technologies for environmental-friendliness and energy savings.
In every Raemian-style apartment, there will be windows with power-generating glass converting solar beams into electricity. On rooftops and underground parking lots of those apartments will be exhaust facilities that generate power from wind.
The construction division also introduced technologies that minimize the use and maximize the effectiveness of energy, a 'zero carbon dioxide'residence. Heat-reducing windows will have argon gas inside of the sealed layers, which cuts heat six times better than ordinary windows. The apartments will have double walls so that a certain level of room temperature will be maintained during both summer and winter.
The construction unit also introduced technologies to boost the effective level of energy use in apartments including the 'Raemian Energy Management System,'which is able to check the use of energy by each apartment at all times, a 'moving eye'that senses where residents are located in the apartment to provide an appropriate level of temperature and an 'eco heat pump'that is able to catch the heat in the air and direct it to apartments.
Eye-catching technology uses nature's purification capacity and reproduces it as an energy source. A 'Spring Tower'three meters high will be able to turn piped water into purified water, like those stored beneath rocks, with germanium and deep sea minerals inside the tower. Also introduced is a technology that turns heat generated in greenhouses when water is purified by water plants and microorganisms and uses it to heat rooms and for other purposes.
Director Kang Young-gil said a major subject of the announcement is the diversification of energy saving technology that catches solar beams and geothermal heat and mixes it with 'Korean modern'so that environmentally-friendly space and environmentally-friendly residential living become one.
In the meantime, the construction division saw its reputation skyrocket since it began work on the Burj Dubai building in 2005. The 162-storey building is all but finished except for the tower, which is to be installed on the rooftop of the 800-meter-high structure, the tallest building in the world when it is completed next year.
The building will have cost $1.12 billion when it is completed after a four-and-a-half-year construction period sending Samsung Corp." reputation sky high, causing construction project orders to pile up and spread throughout the Arab world. The company is now engaged in 10 construction projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), valued at $4.1 billion. The country has become the land of opportunity for Korean construction firms with the country plowing a large part of its oil money into social overhead capital projects and large real estate development projects, igniting a 'second Middle East boom.'The country's capital, Abu Dhabi, is ready to spend more oil money on civil construction projects as the city controls 96 percent of oil production.
Vice President Yoon Wang-hyun said the company earned a high reputation and confidence in the UAE, which will be a core power as well as the starting point for the company's quest to become a global concern. nw

A view of the interior of 'E-Cube'Raemian-style apartment, showing the changes in residential houses.

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