Two Swinging Years
for HillState Apartments

Hyundai Engineering and Construction celebrates 2 year anniversary of apartment brand

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. (HDEC) celebrated the second anniversary of the launch of its HillState brand of apartments on Oct. 1 under a program entitled "2008 HillState Brand Show."The event took place at the Ungam HillState model house in Seoul, which included a display of the prototype of a HillState brand apartment designed by architect Seung Hyo-sang.
The apartment brand was launched Sept. 28, 2006, with four celebrities introducing the country to the new HDEC-designed apartment brand.
The new apartment brand became popular in Korea as it introduced a high-level residential commodity service as an example of how a residential facility should be including landscaping, interior, appearance, and other factors that are important for an apartment to appeal to residents. The company publicized its new brand apartment with differentiated advertising and marketing strategies to inform the public of its upgraded value.
As a result, HDEC won the Grand Award for best apartment brand for two years in a row, in addition to winning the Presidential Award in the Korean Construction Culture, firmly establishing the new apartment as a representative brand in the two years since its launch in 2006.
The company took advantage of the two-year anniversary as an occasion to define the future direction of its HillState brand and commodity development planning. Architect Seung introduced the prototype of the HillState brand apartment, reflecting the concept behind the new model.
The company announced the pattern for the HillState brand apartment and future apartment design trends, along with commodity development items to show how the HillState apartment would look in the future.
The country's leading construction company has been introducing segregated high-tech construction technologies such as the UPIS (ubiquitous parking information system) and the ubiquitous key lease system, which opens the front doors for residents of the apartment, automatically identifying the residents, as part of the company's strategy to differentiate itself from rival builders with various technologies in the apartment buildings. Its technologies include the ubiquitous smart security system.
The company secured 20 design product intellectual property rights including one for the cook-in-cook-out kitchen flat service table. The company also displayed color designs on the walls of the HillState apartments in Kocheon in Gimpo City, Samsung-dong in Seoul and Wolbae-dong in Daegu.
The company also spared no efforts in importing advanced design know-how from overseas by signing contracts with four foreign design firms including LWK in Hong Kong and KMD in the United States. They then applied the designs to apartments built in Yongin and the Seoul Forest.
The company whipped up a strong wind in spreading the advantages of its HillState brand apartments in the two years since its launch with such advertising catchphrases as "Think About H," "The Way to Live the World with Value"and "HillState for Me"in an effort to differentiate the HDEC's brand apartments from others.
The company also staged the "HillState Open Golf Competition"for two consecutive years to successfully popularize the apartment brand. HDEC will also be the first construction firm to introduce a carbon-free design, which is geared to reduce carbon emissions by using environmentally friendly and energy saving material. From 2012, Korea will be included among the countries responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. nw

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