Huge Expo on Int'l Tourism

6th Gyeonggi Int'l Tourism Expo in KINTEX, Ilsan, to draw 600 tourism organizations from 30 countries

Gyeonggi Province will be the host of an international tourism exposition from Nov. 13-16 at KINTEX. The theme of the 6th Gyeonggi International Tourism Exposition is "Gyeonggi Province to open Korea's future tourism."The event is expected to grow to be the foundation of a tourism expo that is representative of all of Asia in the near future in terms of both quantity and quality, said Lim Byoung-soo, president of the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization.
He said over 150,000 foreign tourists and related people would visit the event this year, compared to 103,166 last year because they can get information on tourism, tourism experience and other content at the international expo.
The CEO also said they will try to make the expo as private-oriented as possible and make it a base for the creation of a profit structure through various cooperative projects.
Lim projected that the expo will grow to become the largest such tourism meeting in Asia by 2012.
In addition to the main events,
 the tourism expo will have various supplementary events such as exhibitions and special events to make the gathering more meaningful to participants, Lim said.
The expo will include an exhibition introducing 31 cities and counties in Gyeonggi Province and one showing off tourism mementos and temple and home stay programs. One special exhibit will feature foods and noodles from around the world. There will also be performances of traditional folk arts, a photo exhibition and farm tours.
The tourism organization expects 300 tourism organizations from 30 countries to operate some 800 booths at the expo. It also projects some 150,000 visitors to the international tourism event.
The exhibition halls include those for tourism publicity, tourism information, the sale of tourism products, the tourism knowledge exchange, contents publicity, theme experience and international mega events where the viewers will be able to enjoy various events provided by Korea, China, Japan, South Africa and others, the organizers said.
A special feature of the upcoming event is a display hall that will provide tourism content on Gyeonggi Province so that the attendees can experience tourism and help tourism agencies make deals easily.
Gyeonggi Province will introduce to the international tourism community the tourism value of the area around the Imjin River near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing the two Koreas. The location has been known as a security tourism zone related with the images of war and conflicts on the Korean Peninsula. But the area is on the verge of a new birth as a cultural tourism site through various changes that have taken place recently, the organizers said.
The site has been getting public attention lately with a variety of popular events such as a concert by a symphony led by conductor Kum Nan-sae, drama performances and movies.
Also drawing attention were various sculptures exhibited in the area along with cultural performances, which are being promoted as good places to visit during fall weekends. nw

Suwon Fortress Haenggung, a traditional Korean-roofed cluster of houses

President Lim Byoung-soo of the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization.

A pottery-making is one of the thriving traditional art legacies that Gyeonggi Province is proud of.

A scene from a traditional dance performance during the 5th Gyeonggi Int'l Tourism Expo in 2007.

A stone wall, which surrounds the Suwon Fortress, one of the major tourist spots in Gyeonggi Province.

The Imjingag Pavilion for Peace located on Imjin River in Gyeonggi Province.

The poster of the 6th Int'l Tourism Expo for Nov. 13-16, 2008.

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