Samsung SDS, Capgemini
Team Up in Installing
Next-Generation Financial System

Jointly carry out the first project since forging a strategic alliance

Samsung SDS and French Capgemini are collaborating in a project to build up a next-generation system for Doosan Capital.
Samsung SDS held a briefing session on the launching of the project for setting up Doosan Capital's next-generation system at Shilla Hotel on Aug. 27with Samsung SDS CEO Kim In and Doosan Capital CEO Kim Wang-kyung participating.
The project is the first such one, to be carried out by Samsung SDS and Capgemnini since last October when they formed a strategic alliance, an equivalent to a business consortium to share brand and intellectual property rights. It is the first time Samsung SDS and Capgemini have joined forces in the initial stage of the project unlike the normal partnership in the IT service sector in which companies forge ties for the implementation of projects and providing services.
Samsung SDS said it will complete the project by September 2009, which targets an optimal
next-generation system capable of maximizing corporate competitiveness and flexibly keeping pace with the new business environment with an eye to helping Doosan Capital achieve its vision of becoming the global credit financing company by 2012.
The project calls for providing the finest system for Doosan Capital by combining Samsung SDS's experiences in building up systems for local financial capitals and Capgemini's global know-how of global lease financing.
By putting the next-generation system in place, Doosan Capital expects to improve its process and shorten manual work hours, thus dramatically enhancing work productivity, reliability and customer satisfaction. Plus, It also hopes to see growth in both credit and operating income by offering wide range of custom-tailored products, securing potential customers/vendors and advancing its customer management capabilities. "The next-generation system, once in place, will put Doosan Capital's business competitiveness to a higher level. This, in turn, will lay a foundation for global strategic management support and global IT infrastructure, thereby contributing to us leaping forward as a global credit financing company,"Doosan Capital CEO Kim said.
Samsung SDS CEO Kim said "Doosan Capital project is the first case where the global financial system know-how of French Capgemini, one of the top three consulting firms worldwide, will be combined. We will dedicate our uppermost to the project to ensure that Doosan Capital achieves its vision of emerging as a global credit financing company in 2012."
Meanwhile, Samsung SDS and Capgemini carry out SCM (Supply Chain Management) and logistics projects, among others, in Europe and will expand mutual collaboration from consulting to IT outsourcing and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).Samsung SDS plans to make the most use of Capgemini's Rightshore TM methodology (selecting and applying adequate services among onshore/nearshore/offshore to meet customers'conditions and demands), customer management and service capability to continue to seek businesses with its overseas affiliates.
Established in 1967 and headquartered in Paris, Capgemini ranks third in the world in the consulting service sector and 8th in the IT service sector. It has leaped forward by acquiring Earnest & Young in 2000. Capgemini provides global IT consulting services in 34 countries. nw

Officials from Samsung SDS and Doosan Capital attend a bring session of a projected next-generation financial system the former will build for the latter at the Shilla Hotel on Aug. 27.

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