MIRECO to Make Environment Clean

President Lee pledges to focus on jobsites to run MIRECO as global professional firm

Korea Mine Reclamation Corp.(MIRECO) is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of making contribution to the development of the national economy by carrying out mine reclamation projects in an efficient manner, creating pleasant living conditions and supporting the mining industry, says President and CEO Lee Ee-jae of the company during a recent press interview.
. He was inaugurated as the CEO on July 28 this year.
The CEO said during the interview that he finished getting reports on the company's operation from heads of each operation unit in a month, which usually took three months to complete. He wanted to get the reports in a quick fashion to practice the motto of focusing the management on jobsites as the center of all operations. After his tours of the company's operation, he got the thinking that the jobsites are wide and the company has a lot of work to do. Manpower is limited and time, therefore, is the urgent matter. He said he will have all the employees to cooperate together so that the recovery work will be completed without a hitch. He would like to make MIRECO an organization of harmony. To do that, communication among officers and staff is needed. He is confident on working through communication due to his long experience working for NGOs in the area of environment.
The shortage of manpower is the most common problem in the regional headquarters with so many jobsites in wide-ranging areas. It is very difficult to expand manpower due to the need for making public organizations advanced ones. He said he plans to solve the matter by rearranging manpower to take care of the urgent matters first.
The new CEO also said getting agreement from local residents on projects is another tough problem. You can't proceed with the recovery work unless owners of land in the project areas agree with the projects. Even if you had the residents'agreement, you still need agreements on entry roads construction from owners of land in the areas where the roads must be built.
You have to know how well to smooth social conflicts to undertake recovery projects in local regions.
He said he will pay special attention on organizational culture. An individual employee should know how well he is doing on the job. They will be given the rights to decide the work they will carry out and able to check how well they are doing on the work under a corporate culture he will create at the company. He will stress the mission so that they can fully carry out the responsibility given to them by the public even if they don't have the capacity. The problems at the jobsites can be solved when they see the problems from the local residents'positions. They can't do the job unless they have the sense of mission.
The CEO also said he would like to enlarge the business areas of the company and strengthen the identity as an independent public corporation.
It will mean the second reap for the company in the second half and he will steer the company to spur the system management, and process reform management. He would like make this year as the starting year for the company to build a base for its growth as a global professional company. The company will also work hard to develop applied technologies and search for the opportunities to advance into overseas through the expansion of contracts with advanced countries, attending international meetings and by connection with KOICA.
The company will make its R&D activities focused on the technology research center. This year, they will focus on the development of highly effective technologies. The company will also expand the exchange with similar research centers in foreign countries like Britain and Australia and those at home.
Lee said advancement of public organizations s to get confirmation from the public. In a broad sense, it could be divided into three large areas, privatization, integration and closure and effective management. These divisions occur due to inefficient and loose management. The purpose of public companies is to work for public interests, which is why they exist rather than profits. It should not waste resources for its own good, not for the public.
The public companies should not pass over checks on their operational results like private firms, even if their performances end in the red ink. Our company is a semi-government organization and should work for public interests, not interested in profit and loss.
He also thinks that the merger of MIRECO with the Korea Mining Corp. will be an effective one, not able to overcome negative views. The two companies have different business nature and direction of purposes. It is like two sides of a coin. When they exist together, the exploration of mines can be done with the public comfort. If the merger occurs, the system for public comfort disappears. MIRECO should do its job well to make the mine exploration work possible.
The owner of public organizations is the public. The public companies should be reformed to a level satisfactory to the public expectations. He said he will work to the extent that MIRECO will be recognized and praised as a valuable organization that make residential environment pleasant. nw

President Lee Ee-jae( 2nd Left) participates in the company's event.

President Lee Ee-jae of Korea Mine Reclamation Corp.

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