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Seoul Design Olympic to run for 21 days from Oct. 10 to establish capital as global design city

On Oct. 10, 2008, Seoul Design Olympic is to kick off its design journey for 21 days, centering around the main stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon announced recently.
The idea for this event began with the Seoul Metropolitan Government's commitment and confidence to transform Seoul into an eco-friendly metropolis of rich culture and genuine creativity. Exhibitions , conferences, competitions and festivals, the four major events of SDO will present, exhibit and provide the experience of both tangible and intangible designs that form the lives of urbanites, says Kwon Eun-sook, director general of SDO.
The theme of SDO is "Design is AIR"which showcases Seoul Metropolitan Government's vision and strategies as a promising design city. "AIR"is always near us, but never discloses itself and is deeply connected to the lives of people and nature, the director-general goes on to say.
SDO focuses on expressing Seoul's vision and determination to reach a new level of design based on the Olympic spirits of joining nations, politics economies and culture and challenging to achieve new limits.
SDO seeks to express that design is "a value that exists in our everyday lives'rather than a concept or idea that is simply applied to the exterior design of products. So far the majority of design events were mostly for designers. However, SDO is a comprehensive design festival for both designers and citizens to enjoy and experience a crossover of various designs, parting from the conceptual disciplines of graphic, industrial, space, fashions, public and urban designs.
Keywords for SDO are: Sustainable; An eco-friendly approach to design, thinking of both the present and future of the earth; Convergent; Exchange between design and other disciplines, convergence of design and urban development policies; Interactive; Increasing the interaction among humans, products, and the environment;
Participatory; Creating human-centered designs through citizen participation; Connecting; A design city connecting to the world.
SDO 2008 will continue to Seoul's strengthening of its global city brand and earning global recognition as a city of culture, ecology and creativity. It is also expected to encourage the development of the world's design industries by penetrating discussion on design becoming more flexible to convergence and connection, researching on and experimenting urban and offering opportunities for wide application.
First, the SDO 2008 aims to enhance the people's perception of design through participatory design programs and ultimately reflect the results in design policies. Second, the city brand and country brand will be formulated in advance to product or company brands and will lead the development of such brands. SDO plans to raise the global recognition of Seoul as a design city, which will strengthen the international presence of the city and Korea,
and eventually promote Korean products and the Korean design industry throughout the world. Finally, SDO activities will exhibit Seoul's design vision of becoming a city of creativity, improving the quality of life of and instilling a sense of pride in its citizens.
The symbol of SDO was inspired by the traditional Korean patchworld wrapping-cloth, the public relations office of the SDO organizing committee said.
The patchwork wrapping cloth is a cultural icon that reflects the practicality and aesthetic sense of Koreans. The wrapping-cloth can be spread out and wrapped which is a feature that perfectly matches the purpose and meaning of this global design festival.
The symbol shape is designed so that when the triangles come together they create a completely new form, representing combination and harmony. The three dimensional globe signifies festival to people all over the world. The colors used in the symbol as traditional Korean colors that represent five principles, each standing for the theme of SDO.
Blue represents the rationality, logic and serenity of humans, the Seoul Design Conference. Red signifies passion, vitality and a spirit of challenge , the Seoul Design Competition . Greenstqnds for life and hope, the Seoul Design Exhibition. Yellow signifies abundance in the center of the universe, the Seoul Design Festival. And finally, black represents wisdom, linking the other four sectors together. nw

A model of the Jamsil Olympic Stadium and its vicinity where Seoul Design Olympic will take place Oct. 10-31.

(photos) Photos show a view of the Jamsil Main Olympic Stadium in Seoul where Seoul Design Olympic will be held, and how the SDO would look like including some design products.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon announcing the Seoul Design Olympic to take place from Oct.10-31.

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