Butterfly as Symbol of Hope

Kim Hyun-jung's butterfly an expression to seek ideals to escape from wicked world

"My butterfly carries dreams that come from real and idealistic world,"said painter Kim Hyun-jung, adding that she wants to express hopes for seeking lost ideals that are in every individual in modern society.
The painter said she put into her paintings hi-tech culture's inhuman nature represented by computers and the standardization of the world symbolized by bar code and people in such world. She used powder inks on Korean traditional papers and formative methods using silk screens.
Art critic Kim Sang-chul said the Dream of Butterfly is a subject that dominate Kim Hyun-jung's paintings. The butterfly is often compared to something as a symbol owing to a special characteristics in its growth stages.
Kim's paintings are divided into a real and fantasy world as if to symbolize the motions of a butterfly flying in an empty space.
The formative method using the silkscreen with a heavy mechanical and horizontal treatment already stresses that the painter's
butterflies are not a simple realization of an objective situation but is already a firm ideal matter that emphasize in detailed manner.
As painter Kim said she tries to express the passion to seek a free dreams amid the chaos of society where life is standardized and mechanical led by computers and bar codes.
In a word, the art critic claims that the butterfly in Kim's paintings seek lost ideals in humans in modern society where material value is the only matter being sought after. nw

Dream of Butterfly; each 24 x 19 cm; silk-screen; mixed media on Korean paper; 2008

Dream of Butterfly; each 24 x 19 cm; silk-screen; mixed media on Korean paper; 2008

Painter Kim Hyun Jung

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