¡®Vacation in Nature to Beat the Heat¡¯

KTO announces its four recommended trips for August

Under the theme "Vacation in Nature to Beat the Heat,"the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has released its list of recommended trips for August: Spend a fantastic time beating the heat with cool winds through a manmade cave in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do; take a holiday to enjoy the cool wind blowing through the valleys of Yangyang, Gangwon-do; dip your feet in icy water and sunbathe at a beach in Ulju, Ulsan Metropolitan City; and take shelter from the sultry heat in the Chilyeon Valley in Muju, Jeollabuk-do.

There's nothing better than to enjoy the cool wind while taking shelter from the humid weather and seething sun. One of the places to beat the heat is the so-called "Boryeong Icy Wind Beach,"situated at the foot of Mt. Seongju, Boryeong City, Chungcheongnam-do. You can have a wonderful experience cooling your hot and sweaty body with the natural wind blowing through a cave artificially dug to explore for coal.
While standing in front of the cave, you may feel spine-chilling coolness with winds as cool as 13 degrees Celsius. It is now better known as a center for mushroom farming since the mine was shut down in 1989 in the wake of steps to restructure the coal mining industry. While visiting, you can indulge in various mushroom dishes.
The Boryeong Icy Wind Beach is open to the general public in July and August from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and admission is free. You can visit the Boryeong Coal Museum, which remains open for the whole of August. You can also tour such nearby tourist attractions as the Mud Skin Care Experience Center in Boryeong.
For more information call the Culture and Tourism Department of the Boryeong City Government at 041-930-3541~2; the Boryeong City Agriculture Technology Center at 041-930-3561; the Boryeong Coal Museum at 041-934-1902; the Mt. Seongju Natural Recreation Center at 041-934-7133; and the Boryeong Mud Skin Care Experience Center at 041-931-4021~2.

  Many holidaymakers flock to the valleys of Yangyang, Gangwon-do, situated between Mt. Odae and Mt. Seorak in order to beat the summer heat. Among the many valleys, there are Jujeongol of Mt. Seorak, Heullimgol, Micheongol, Beopsuchi and more. In particular, Jujeongol and Heullimgol valleys are the most popular spots, attracting throngs of holidaymakers. The Micheongol Valley boasts a bountiful amount of water flowing over the rocks. A stream meanders though the Oseongjeon Valley to the Beopsuchi Valley. While strolling along the trails of the Beopsuchi Valley, you may be mesmerized by a wind fragrant with the smell of pine trees. The Ilhyun Museum has a commanding view of the clear, deep East Sea and an observatory with a thrilling steel structure.
For more information call the Culture and Tourism Department of the Yangyang County Office at 033-670-2723; the Micheongol Natural Resting Place at 033-673-1806; the chief of the Beobsuchi-ri Village at 033-673-4515; and the Ilhyun Museum at 033-670-8450.

You may be almost choking from the sultry, stuffy summer weather and soaring night temperatures. There is no better time for you to go on vacation in order to beat heat. Mt. Daeun is the most suitable place for you to take a rest while dipping your feet in the waters of its breathtaking valleys. You can proceed to Jinha Beach at Unhwa-ri, Onyang-up, Ulju-gun, Ulsan Metropolitan City and Ganjeol Cape after spending half the day strolling and dipping your feet in the water.
Jinha Beach is one of the best beaches in Ulsan. Its sand stretches 1 km along the water and is 300 meters wide, enough to accommodate 50,000 holidaymakers daily. The Ganjeol Cape is known for the earliest sunrises in the nation and wonderful landscapes that look as if rare and steep rocks and stones protrude into the air over the sea. In August, the cape is bustling with a throng of anglers.
For more information call the Culture and Tourism Department of the Ulju County Office at 052-258-9577; the Tourism Information Desk of the Ulsan Metropolitan Government at 052-229-6350; and the Ganjeol Cape Lighthouse at 052-228-5610.

The Chilyeon Valley in Anseong-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, consists of seven waterfalls and seven ponds that form a near-straight line in a valley southwest of the ridge of Mt. Deokyu. A stream that elbows its way through thick pine woods and sheer-faced rocks looks like summer kneeling to the valley's temptations. The Chilyeon Falls, the Yongchu Falls, and the Myeongjaeso, Mundeokso and the Dosungdam ponds show off their breathtaking landscape, cooling down your hot body and mind.
The valley has such neighborhood tourist attractions as the Chilyeoneuichong, a tomb containing 150 militiamen who died during action against Japanese invaders during the late Joseon Dynasty; the Gucheondong Valley; the Muju Hyanggyo (Confucian School); and Firefly Land, something for the kids to see and experience. Mt. Jeoksang, covered by steep cliffs on all sides, is one of Korea's breathtaking landscapes and one of the jewels of Muju.
For more information call the Culture and Tourism Department of the Muju County Office in Jeollabuk-do at 063-320-2546. nw

The Naeweonam Temple Hermitage and Daeungjeon (Main Hall), one of the popular spots in Ulju to beat summer heat.

(clockwise) Mt. Seongju Natural Recreation Center in Boryeong,; Micheongol Valley in Yangyang,; a bridge in Gucheondong Valley in Muju; and an earthenware workshop in Ulju.

(clockwise) The three-story and five-story pagodas at the Seongju Historical Site,; the Boryeong Coal Museum,; and Daecheon Beach.

(clockwise) Buckwheat noodles, one of Gangwon Province's mouthwatering foods; Micheongol Natural Recreation Center and the Ilhyun Art Museum.

(clockwise) An earthenware workshop; a scenic view of Myeongsan Islet; and Naewonam Temple Hermitage, all in Ulju.

(clockwise) Chimok Hemp Cloth Village; Muju Confucian School; and Chilyeon Valley, all in Muju

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