K-water to Turn to CDM
and Overseas Water
Resources Development

New K-water CEO unveils his policies during his inauguration ceremony

The Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-water) will look to aggressively participate in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and overseas water resources development projects.
New K-water President Kim Kuen-ho said in his inaugural speech, "The water-related industries are showing signs of an upsurge as the so-called 'Blue Gold Era'is ushered in."K-water should secure international competitiveness to survive these changing times and keep growing, Kim said.
Kim, former vice minister of construction and transportation, took the helm as the 12th K-water president at the head office in Daejeon on July 29.
He urged his staff to make K-water a prominent global integrated water management service provider, an advanced environmental company preventing natural disasters and a reliable public corporation beloved by the people.
First of all, Kim called for raising his corporation's capabilities and extending its business areas.
Its traditional business tasks such as dam management, tap water treatment in metropolitan areas and projects to build small- and mid-sized dams will be accelerated based on the outcome of monitoring of the exemplary Yeongwoel Dam. The existing dams will be made available to hold water for agricultural use while all potable water sources, including riverside filtered water, will be explored and utilized in each river area.
K-water should boost its capability by maximizing efficiency through a combination of tap water and waste water treatment plants in metropolitan and provincial areas. It will fully participate in the CDM projects while looking to enter overseas water resources management markets by capitalizing on the value of the K-water brand.
He said that K-water needs to gain the public trust by enhancing the quality and quantity of public services. "Regardless of water quality and quantity, people tend to associate water issues with K-water. They expect K-water to deal with whatever it does. K-water needs to gain public recognition as a corporation focusing on environmental issues and preventing natural disasters. To this end, K-water staff should be genuine experts and be the best authority in each field. I will take the initiative in providing support in R&D and education and training. We will work out practical ways of enhancing the quality of public services and translate them into action."Kim touched on the globalization of K-water. "The water-related industries are showing signs of an upsurge as the so-called "Blue Gold Era"is ushered in. K-water should secure international competitiveness in order to survive the change of the times and keep growing. All systems, practices and facilities as well as modes of behavior will be streamlined to meet global standards. We have to step up our capability by expanding research, educational and training programs after comparing them with foreign standards."Since its establishment in 1967, K-water has been implementing national water resources management policies regarding multi-purpose dams, water supply dams and regional water supply systems. It is also making a great contribution toward the development of the national economy and improving the quality of life for local people.
In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, K-water has launched a strategic mission called "Water for a Happier World"and it is pursuing innovation and change in order to become the "Best Water Partner"in the world.
With basin management, integration, specialization and automation, K-water is making efforts to provide a safe water supply for people so that all may enjoy the benefits of clean water.
With this in mind, K-water is also developing core technologies and utilizing the sharpest minds to take the initiative in the water industry for the future. K-water is ready to embody the reliable image of a corporation fulfilling its social responsibility by actively practicing sustainable, ethical and transparent management along with increasing the customer's value.
Moreover, K-water is trying its best to offer customized services and pursuing the reforms and changes that people desire. K-water promises to advance towards becoming the best corporation in the world, in which all people are in harmony with water and nature. nw

New K-water President Kim Kuen-ho

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