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Family, friends and former and current CEOs of SK affiliates gather together on 10th anniversary of late chairman's passing

SK Group held special memorial events for its late chairman Chey Jong-hyun from Aug. 19 to Sept. 4, with Aug. 26 as the 10th anniversary of his death. The special events included a photo exhibition, a concert and an academic seminar, in addition to the publication of books dedicated to the late chairman, the group said in a statement released on Aug. 1.
A memorial ceremony took place with surviving family members led by Chairman Chey Tae-won, his brothers, cousins and other close relatives.
The guiding theme of the various memorial events was honoring the late chairman's lifetime achievements, his management philosophy and patriotic ideas for the country.
Kicking off the festivities was a photo exhibition that took place at 14 different offices of SK affiliates, led by the SK Group headquarters building in Seorin-dong in downtown Seoul.
Included in the exhibit were some 300 various photos of the late chairman at work and during trips he made to various SK affiliates'plants as well as photos from his youth.

Also presented were films and videos of the late chairman during his trips abroad.
On Aug. 22, a large performance of traditional Korean music took place at the Korea Traditional Music Institute to remember the late chairman's love and support for the traditional arts of Korea. Over 500 surviving family members, former and current CEOs of SK affiliates and executives attended the event.
The performances included palatial group dance, pansori, kayagum and traditional music concerts, films and videos to trace the late chairman's love of the traditional Korean performing arts and his efforts to preserve them. Especially exciting were performances of a traditional orchestra and a fusion of modern tunes and traditional music.
On Aug. 26, the 10th anniversary of the late chairman's passing, some 500 mourners were gathered at the Walker-Hill Hotel to honor and remember the late business leader, including his surviving family members and close relatives led by Chairman Chey Tae-won, former and current CEOs of SK affiliates and other dignitaries.
Scholars from Korea and abroad participated in an academic seminar held in honor of the late business executive on Aug. 28 at the Walker-Hill Hotel sponsored jointly by Seoul National University, Sogang University and KAIST. Its main theme was "Changes in the Management Paradigm and Direction of SKMS"Development,"to shed light on the late chairman's legacy on SK Group's growth and his management philosophy. Professors Lee Yoon-dae of Korea University and Choo In-ki of Yonsei University delivered their main theses.
On Sept. 4, an academic gathering will take place at the same location focusing on economic affairs, especially the late chairman's strategy for making Korea a first-class nation under the title of "The Road to becoming a First-class Nation in the 21st century."A number of reputable people will participate in the event including Chairman Jua Seung-hi of the Kyonggi Development Institute, Lee Chang-yong, vice chairman of the Financial Service Commission and former Deputy Prime Minister Lee Seung-yun. Endowed Chair Professor Gary Becker of the University of Chicago, winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, will also conduct a special lecture at the event.
Early in August, some 100 people including former and current CEOs of SK affiliates and friends of the late chairman from both inside and outside the group gathered to commemorate the publication of a book entitled "Chey Jong-hyun, We are Happy Because He was There,"containing various anecdotes and stories about the late CEO.
The late Chey was diagnosed with lung cancer in the spring of 1997 and was operated on at a hospital in New York in June of the same year. He passed away on Aug. 26, 1998. nw

The late chairman Chey Jong-hyun of SK Group meets with Chairman Lee Kun-hee of Samsung Group in 1996 when Chey was chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries.

Chairman Chey Tae-won of SK Group.

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