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Sr. Pres. Secretary Park calls for cooperation, not ideological squabbling

Senior Presidential Secretary for National Policy Planning Park Jae-wan said that ideological egotism is on the rise in this country, standing in the way of the nation's progress into the ranks of advanced countries. The senior Presidential aide speaking at the Jeju Forum hosted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry from July 25 on Jeju Island, said that the extreme group egotism has grown to a level that can't be overlooked anymore, warning that it has become a bottleneck in the road preventing the country's further progress.
His speech was entitled "The New Government's Philosophy on National Policy and Major Political Tasks."He continued that the president of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) should work to help place the new government's philosophy for its major policies on a solid base. He said the country has been paying too high a cost for ideologies. To solve the ideological confrontation, he said, one should respect the opinions of others and should be ready to be responsible for his actions, instead of demanding rights only, in order to create a joint body based on a "live and let live"philosophy.
The Senior Presidential Secretary also blasted those who call for the preservation of the environment at the expense of national projects such as the Sapae Mountain tunnel and the Chonsun Mountain tunnel projects, saying that he can see the huge problems in those who put up environmental issues above critical national projects and anti-U.S. movements as more important than all other values.
Because of the objections of environmentalists over the Chonsun Mountain tunnel, the government had to spend over 2.5 trillion won in extra expenses to finally complete the tunnel so that the Seoul-Busan Expressway can be finished on time. He said he is also worried that the rule of law is being destroyed around the country with people looking down on police and soldiers, not following government policies and disrupting law and order in the country.
Side effects from ideologists hung up on three worn-out ideologies also have been in the way of further national progress. He cited as examples, ideologies excessively dominant in the education and labor markets: anti-U.S. sentiment and pro-North ideologists, uniform egalitarianism and anti-business and anti-rich ideologies. He said an automaker's labor union protesting against U.S. beef imports can only be explained from a political and ideological viewpoint, not as valid union activity. nw

Senior Presidential Secretary for National Policy Planning Park Jae-wan.

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