Doosan Takes Over Chungang U.

Chairman Park says to change every thing at the university except the name with huge investment

Chairman Park Yong-sung of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co. has recently been named chairman of the board of directors of Chungang University, following the Doosan Group's take over of the university early in June.
During his inaugural, Chairman Park called for changing every thing at the university except its name under the group's plan to upgrade and improve the high learning institution to a world class university.
I will give all the passion still left in me to making Chungang, one of the most renowned learning institutions in the world,"he said in his speech.
In the inaugural ceremony held at the university's Grand Theater of the Chungang Culture and Arts Hall, where key officials present led by University Chancellor Park Beom-hoon, Park continued that honestly speaking non of the universities and colleges in the country can qualify to make the list of world-renowned learning institutions. He said Doosan will not spare its resources to make Chungang one of the most reputable universities in the world.
The new chairman of the board said no universities in the country have been able to make the list of the most reputable universities in the world because of the lack of infrastructure for study, and research for both professors and students.
Park said its his share of work to remedy all of those shortcomings so that students and professors might be able to focus on their given work exclusively.
The new chairman said the university hospital in Huksok-dong, Seoul, will be renovated and a plan to build the third campus in Hanam City, Gyeonggi Province, is being studies, along with a plan to build new R&D centers for engineering and pharmaceutical departments.
Officials of the university said Doosan has already assigned a well-known consulting firm for directions to further improve the hospital and the group will announced its overall plan to further develop the university in the next semester.
Attention is being drawn to what the chairman's experiences in leading Doosan to such a high level of development in what is known as "offensive management know-how"would do to the development of Chungang. Park often called for "changing every thing except the name of Chungang"during his speech, signaling a huge change is coming to the university.
Other officials of the university said expectations run high on the campus when the news broke out that Chairman Park, a top manager in the business community, has been named as chairman of the board. They hope that the university would be a successful model for the well-managed private universities in the country.
Park said he would not spare investment in various support facilities such as improving conditions for dormitories and the expansion of scholarships for students, in addition to salaries for office employees and professors.
Doosan has already assigned an accounting firm to examine the management conditions of the university to find out problems and improve them under its overall renovation plan.
The chairman said the CAU 2018 Project, a strategic vision for the development of the university did lack the implementation plan, adding that he will announce an overall development strategy made up taking up all the ideas put out by every sector of the university in October.
Park is a graduate of Seoul National University and New York University Business School. He is a former chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. nw

Chungang University's Seoul campus.

Chairman Park Yong-sung of Doosan Group at a recent ceremony for his inaugural as board chairman of Chungang University in Seoul.

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