EWP Inaugurates Dangjin
Thermal Power Units 7&8

Eco-friendly, high-efficient, ultra-super critical power plant units

Korea East West Power Co. (EWP) has inaugurated Dangjin Thermal Power Units 7&8 after three years and nine months of construction.
Approximately 250 people were at hand for the dedication ceremony at the Dangjin Thermal Power Complex in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, on June 13 including Vice Energy Minister Lee Jae-hoon, Rep. Kim Nak-seong and neighborhood residents.
The newly dedicated units, each with a capacity of 500,000 kW, were designed with an ultra-super critical one by KOPEC. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction was the supplier of all equipment and materials, while Samsung Corp. and GS E&C were responsible for the construction of the units. The project, which began in March 2004, cost 1.01 trillion won and required an aggregate 1.5 million people per year during three years and nine months of construction.
The dedication of Dangjin Units 7&8, following the construction of Dangjin 5&6, contributed to the UCC technology buildup. Currently, six USC units are in operation and four others are under construction.
UCC units are considered to be environmentally friendly and efficient, as they can cut down on 750,000 tons of fuel worth 110 billion won per annum or 4 million tons of carbon dioxide, compared to super-critical units.
Dangjin Units 7&8 are fitted with the Automatic Plant Start & Stop System (APS), developed in Korea, to automate all processes ranging from start-up and normal operation to stop. The APS is an advanced system designed to cut down on switching to a full-fledged operation by about 60 minutes and minimize human errors by standardizing operation and manipulation procedures.
Desulfurzing, denitrification and dust-gathering equipment as well as automatic exhaust measurement systems and other systems are installed as part of efforts to have automatic environment surveillance systems in place around the clock and make power units environmentally friendly.
The Dangjin Thermal Power Complex, the mainstay power plants of the EWP, contributes to easing the power supply imbalance in the Seoul metropolitan area and stabilizing the national power grids. In particular, the new units are expected to stabilize power supply during the coming summer, EWP officials said.
Joo Sung-chul, chief of EWP's technology division, was awarded with the Order of Industrial Service, Bronze Tower, and 38 others were presented with orders, medals and citations in recognition of their contribution to the construction of the units.
EWP has provided about 94.5 billion won in support to Dangjin County authorities in the construction of such community facilities as an integrated culture hall, a new expressway terminal and an integrated stadium. The company plans to donate another 4.5 billion won this year. nw

EWP CEO Jung Tay-ho speaks at a ceremony to inaugurate Dangjin Thermal Power Units 7&8.

VIPs present at a ceremony to inaugurate Dangjin Thermal Power Units 7&8.

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