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The Website offers diverse travel information on the province as well reservations and its top tourist destinations

    The Gyeonggi Tourism Organization (GTO) has opened an online travel information Website -- e-Thankyou (www.ethankyou.co.kr) -- that offers reservations and tourist attractions within Gyeonggi Province. It is a Website dedicated to providing tourists with travel information on the region and the ability to conveniently make one-stop reservations on accommodations and other activities. The site symbolizes the GTO's initiative to provide tourists with a rewarding experience while visiting at an affordable price.
The site introduces unknown tourist attractions that are often off the beaten track and travel information on 31 cities and counties. The e-Thankyou site also contains information in a blog-type format, including articles and photographs as well as a video tour of the region. Visitors have the opportunity to make reservations at discounted prices for accommodation and attractions directly on the Website.
The Gyeonggi provincial government and Shinhan Card have jointly released the Thank-you credit card to allow cardholders to receive discounts when they visit tourist attractions within the province. Thank-you credit card holders can save up to 50 percent when they make reservations and arrangements through the Website. Travelers are also able to receive additional discounts when they use their card at hotels, museums and other tourist attractions in the province.
The Website is currently in the process of holding promotional events to persuade more people to sign up for the travel credit card and subscribe to the Website. For more information, please call the e-Thankyou Center at 1588-6951. nw

Lim Byoung-soo, president of the Gyeonggi Tourism Promotion (GTO)

The Banhwasuryujeong Pavilion, part of the Hwaseong Fortress

Seen at the background is the Hwahongmun Gate, one of the Joseon architectural features.
Suwon's wang galbi (king-size beef rib)

The mesmerizing view of the Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon

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