ACTT 2008, a Global
Forum for Tech Transfer

Opens a two-day run in Seoul May 22

The Asia Conference on Technology Transfer (ACTT) 2008 opened for a two-day run on May 22 at the COEX in Seoul. Under the theme "The Future of Technology Commercialization: Radical Innovation and Opening Networking,"ACTT 2008 was organized by the Korea Technology Transfer Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. True to the theme, ACTT 2008 was a global forum for technology transfer and commercialization, organizers said.
KTTC President & CEO David Young Sohn said, "KTTC recognizes that while Korea has become one of the world's technological leaders, it should not rest on its laurels. Thus, KTTC intends to further accelerate the future of the nation by identifying cutting-edge technologies with global competitiveness, and implementing technological convergence and networking. To this end, ACTT 2008 was intended to open up new opportunities for technology commercialization by providing a global forum for technology transfer and commercialization.
"This year's ACTT promised to promote technological innovation driven by advanced technology transfer, and help to build up the human network between its various participants,"he said.
The keynote speakers during the opening session on the morning of May 22 are Lee Hee-beom, chairman and CEO of the Korea International Trade Association, and Richard N. Foster, a member of the Board of Directors of Innosight of the United States and former president of McKinsey.
Raimund Broechler, project director of the Innovation Relay Centre Network of the United Kingdom; Michael J. Cunningham, CEO of Sustainable Project Development Group Technologies PLC of the United Kingdom; and Krishnamurthy Ramanathan, chairman of UN-Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer and Technology of India spoke during Seminar I: The Future of the Global Network, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on May 22.
The speakers for Seminar II: Asia and R&D Strategy, held between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on the same day were Takeru Ohe, director & professor of Waseda University; He Wen Ping, director general of the China Science and Technology Exchange Center of China; and Mei Meng, of Tsinghua Science Park Co. of China.
Victor W. Hwang, CEO of T2Venture Capital of the United States and Young-tack Shim, CEO of Intellectual Ventures Korea will speak during Seminar III: Global Technology Investment Strategy, held on the morning of May 23, and Lee Min-hwa, chairman and board member of Korea Technology Transfer Center, spoke during Seminar IV: Past and Future of Korean Venture Enterprises. nw

KTTC President & CEO David Young Sohn

ACTT 2008 held in Seoul under the theme "The Future of Technology Commercialization: Radical Innovation and Opening Networking.

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