EWP to Expand Turf

Power company strives to make inroads into Latin America with Chile as base

Korea East-West Power Co. has launched the construction of a small hydro-electric plant in Dangjin Thermal Power Plant as part of its project to develop replacement energy sources
The power company, an affiliate of the Korea Electric Power Co., announced on April 15 its plan to build a 5MWh hydro-power plant at the thermal power station using the discharged cooling water from the thermal power plant.
The project is to build a small power station at the mouth of the water discharge, which creates power when the water hits the bottom of the channel. A total of 24.3 billion won has been set aside for the project, which is to be completed in December of next year.
When the hydro-power plant is completed, it will generate 28,000 MWh of electricity, replacing 2,400 tons of oil and reduction of 15,000 tons of toxic gas. The company hopes that the project would open up a new clean energy development mechanism.
Small hydro-electric dams are significant in that it helps recycling of
resources and the development of replacement energy and the company will double up its search for new energy sources coping with the government? future energy policies, officials of the company said.
The power company held a launching ceremony for the mini-hydro-electric plant at the Dangjin thermal power plant led by President Jung Tay-ho and representatives of companies related with the project including Byucksan Engineering.
In the meantime, the company won a technical advisory service contract for test-run with Nueva Ventanas Thermal Power Plant in Chile in partnership with POSCO Engineering and Construction Co.
Under the contract, the company will send 11 of its engineers to Chile to oversee the test-run of the power plant, which is to take place in January, 2010. The team will work in Chile for a year and half to prepare for the test-run of the power plant to begin from January 2010.
The Nueva Ventanas Power Plant project is being built by POSCO Construction as ordered by AES, the owner of the project, a U.S. power company, in 2006. The company signed an MOU on technical advisory service with POSCO Construction in February.
The projected power plant will be the largest in Chile with 242 MW power generating capacity with the South American country having no nuclear power plants.
The East-West power company has experiences for test-runs of power plants as the company? own Dangjin Nos. 5&6 power plants had test-runs. The company will be able to provide technical advisory services to the Chilean power plant from the experiences it has accumulated and train its personnel.
An official of the company said its deal secured a base for the company to make further advances into Latin America, which is likely to expand its market for such deals for the power plants to be newly built in the continent. Korea East-West Power Co. was spun off from Korea Electric Power Co. in 2001 in line with the government? restructuring of the electric power industry.
The company owns and operates 6 power stations: the core station is Dangjin thermal power plant and supplies 13 percent of the nation? power generation per year with its combined power generation capacity of 8 million kilowatts.
EWP established a mid & long- term plan, ACE 2010 and its been operating under the plan.
President Jung said the company has always been dedicated to producing high-quality electricity. It is committed to improving and upgrading its operations n order to become a leading national power supplier company both in terms of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. nw

EWP President Jung Tay-ho

Officials of EWP led by President Jung Tay-ho are lined up for a photo session during a ceremony to announce the construction of a mini-hydro-electric dam in Dangjin Thermal Power Plant in Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province, April 15.

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