Doosan Steps up Presence
in Foreign Nuclear Power Markets

Wins a 300 billion-won order for a new-type nuclear power plant in the U.S.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co., Ltd. has already established itself as a leader in the global power and desalination markets and is striving to solidify its presence in the foreign nuclear power market as well.
The global nuclear power industry is entering the so-called Second Renaissance as the need for developing nuclear power as a clean energy resource is growing globally and carbon dioxide reduction targets are being aggressively pursued.
With this trend in mind, Doosan is drawing up plans to take the global No. 1 position as the maker of major equipment and components for nuclear units. During 2008, the company aims to expand its presence in the U.S. and Chinese markets, diversify its market entry in developing countries, localize imported machinery and materials and participate in next-generation technology development projects.
Doosan? bid to step up its presence abroad has paid off.
In the latest development, Doosan recently landed a 300 billion-won deal with Westinghouse for the supply of two reactors and two steam generators for the first nuclear power plant, to be built for the first time in the United States after a 30 year-old hiatus. The projected plant will be a 1,100MW-class AP1000, a third-generation pressured light water reactor type model developed by Westinghouse.
In the 1999, Doosan won the first order from the U.S. market for a replacement steam generator for Sequoyah Power Plant Unit-1, Tennessee. In ensuring period, the company successfully established a foothold in the United States by supplying the main units for the Watts Bar, ANO, Entergy and Palo Verde nuclear power plants.
Doosan has strengthened its cooperation with Westinghouse in an effort to join the AP1000 market, for which a total of 36 power plants are expected to be built worldwide by 2024. In 2007, the company won orders to supply the main units for Sanmen and Haiyang, the first new-type power plants in China.
Kim Tae-woo, executive vice president and head of Nuclear Power Plant BG, said, ?e are optimistic about winning more orders for nuclear power plants in the U.S. market, as our technological capability and product quality have been recognized there.?In a move to localize and export nuclear technologies, Doosan is putting more energy into making investments and conducting R&D activities on such major equipment and components as the reactor coolant pump (RCP) and instrumentation & control. It is also considering a plan to substantially increase the capacity of its Changwon plant to brace for orders, which are forecast to climb.
Doosan is accelerating its efforts to make such preparations as feasibility studies and publicity activities under mid- and long-term plans to acquire upcoming orders for the construction of new nuclear units from such countries as Romania, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa and Canada, whose governments have already announced plans to build nuclear power plants.
In fact, 2007 was a stellar year for Doosan, which has built up its foundation to become a world-class company with a track record of landing immense orders. It was awarded a record high $1.14 billion contract for the Jebel Ali combined cycle project by the United Arab Emirates electricity & water authorities, won thermal power plant projects in Australia and Indonesia for the first time and landed a string of desalination project orders from Middle Eastern countries.
In China, the world? largest nuclear power market, Doosan became a supplier of major equipment and systems for the Generation III reactor. It succeeded in entering the Japanese nuclear market for the first time in the history of the domestic nuclear power industry and built up a foundation for acquiring new nuclear power project orders from the United States, which will resume the construction of nuclear power plants after a 30-year hiatus.
In July 2007, Doosan was awarded a contract to supply major equipment and systems for the Generation III reactor AP1000, including steam generators, for Westinghouse? planned construction of nuclear units in Haiyang, Shandong Province and Sanmen, Zhenjiang Province, China. In this regard, the company also signed a deal with the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation and Chinese firms to offer technology support for the production of major nuclear equipment and systems.
The deal helped Doosan break into the Chinese market for Generation III reactors. China showed a keen interest in the production of Generation III reactors with about 30 ranking Chinese officials, including Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan, participating in the contract-signing ceremony held in Beijing. China has emerged as the world? largest market for Generation III reactors with plans to build 31 1,000MW-class Gen. III nuclear units by 2020.
Global nuclear power powerhouses staged a fierce bidding war for the projects in Haiyang and Sanmen for adopting Westinghouse? AP1000, considered the safest and most economical reactor so far.
Doosan has accumulated experience and expertise in the production of major nuclear equipment and systems while participating in domestic nuclear power projects for the past 30 years. It was in 1999 when Doosan began to export such major nuclear equipment as steam generators to the U.S., the world? nuclear powerhouse. Westinghouse chose Doosan for its competitive edge as the supplier of major nuclear equipment for the Chinese projects. nw

Doosan Heavy Industries Vice Chairman Lee Nam-doo

Doosan Heavy Industries is in high gear to shore up its presence in the foreign nuclear power market.

The reactor coolant system of OPR-1000. Doosan has been awarded a contract with Westinghouse to supply two reactors and two steam generators for the first nuclear power plant to be built in the United States after a 30-year hiatus.

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