'Alpha to Omega'

Print artist Oh tries to capture process of id formation in human in etchings and aquatint methods

Painter Oh Hyun-chul is unique in that his painting is called 'Agape'style from 'Alpha to Omega'which is done in etchings aquatint methods on copper plates in the name of Mono Print. Usually his work deal with female bodies and equipment as subjects of his artistry.
Painter Oh says he worked on the expressions of the process for men to form their own individual identities living in the modern world. Identities are made of modern people's ids today living depending on God and tried to express rapture, anger, sadness,and pleasure and other feelings in an abstract style of expression.
The theme of his paintings is "The process of growth for human in absolute love."From 1996 to the present time, the period of alpha-omega, the painter has been working on the theme
of 'the growth of self inside absolute love'describing God's protection from beginning to end.
In the agape period from 2000 to the present time, the painter worked on the theme of 'self circulation in love and reform of mother nature,'which describes mother's absolute love as a main theme.
Print is a complex art, the painter says. But the exhibition displayed only one print, although the event was held under the theme of Mono Print. Print is very closely connected with the public in sensuality, although people have difficulty in fully appreciating it due to the lack of the knowledge on how it is made, including the methods and materials.
The painter says he will explain the methods and jargons used connected to print at a seminar during the exhibition period.
Painter Oh majored in print at Hongik University Art College and finished the university's graduate school of art. He held three solo exhibitions in Seoul and Chungju and participated in some 50 group exhibitions. He won many awards including the excellence award in non-abstract painting at the 19th Korea Grand Art Exhibition. He won the excellence award at the Songpa Art Exhibition in 1998 and he was named 'This Year's Artist in Bucheon'this year. During May-July, he participated in the International Print Biennale in China and the Okayama Art Exchange in August. He is preparing to hold a solo exhibition at Yeonjung Gallery in Incheon Oct. 1-7.
He held 'This Year's Artist Exhibition at the Art Center of Bucheon City Hall.


Agape(T-20): 50x80cm:Mono Paint

Agape(R-20): 50x80cm:Mono Paint

Painter Oh Hyun-chul at work in his studio.

A(A-6): 70x50cm:Mono Paint

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