Samsung to Deploy WiBro
Technology in New York

Expected to establish the WiBro Belt covering six areas in the U.S.

Samsung Electronics has been awarded a project to deploy its next-generation mobile communication technology, WiBro to New York, one of the global financing centers.
Choi Gee-sung, president of Samsung Electronics'Telecommunication Network Business, disclosed this during a news conference on August 28 on the sideline of the 5th annual Samsung 4G Forum 2007 held on August 27-28 at the Seoul Shilla Hotel.
Samsung Electronics has been selected a company to develop a network for providing wireless broadband WiBro technology service in New York by U.S. mobile telecommunication carrier Sprint-Nextel, outbidding its archrivals - Nokia of Finland and Motorola of the United States, he said.
Samsung Electronics'latest deployment of WiBro will enable the Korean electronics giant to establish the so-called WiBro belt covering six areas of the eastern United States, including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston and Providence.
"New York is one of the difficult areas to offer services due to the large amount of processed data. Samsung Electronics and Sprint-Nextel agreed last year to commercialize WiBro service, a predecessor of 4G mobile telecommunication, and Samsung won the nod from Sprint-Nextel in a bidding race with Nokia and Motorola,"he said.
Samsung Electronics expects to offer the WiBro services to 100 million subscribers around the end of next year, 140 million in 2009 and 170 million in 2010. A pilot WiBro service will be available around the end of the year and the next-generation wireless broadband service will be initially commercialized next April, he said.
It takes a long time to make a return on investments in the communication network business, but prospects for business in the United States are good, said President Choi, adding that he expects the business to turn to a profit in three to five years.
Samsung Electronics plans to raise annual investments into the communication network business from the current amount of 120 billion won to 160 billion won, he said. Wibro is not just Samsung Electronics'own seedling business, but a next-generation breadwinner that can create a new myth in the Korean mobile communication industry, noted President, saying Samsung Electronics'successful commercialization in the United States will reposition itself as a global mobile telecommunication powerhouse.
President Park brushed aside allegations that the domestic WiBro service business is sluggish even after more than one year of commercialization. He said it took seven years to raise the existing3G mobile communication service to the current level and the WiBro service fares well in comparison with the CDMA technology Korea commercialized for the first time in the world.
Samsung Hosts 5th Annual 4G Forum
More practical and more specific discussions are shared as 4G service is closer to reality
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading mobile phone and telecommunication equipment provider, hosted the '5th annual Samsung 4G Forum 2007'at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul from August 27 to 28.
Over 130 high-profile industry leaders, academia, standardization bodies, and service providers from 26 countries discussed 4G visions and strategies under the theme of "Explore Technology & Standard for 4G Realization."This year's Samsung 4G Forum became the first time that all three leading candidates of 4G technology - IEEE 802.16m (Mobile WiMAX), 3GPP2 Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB), and 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) - competed and were debated against each other in one single location. Each technology was promoted by Sprint-Nextel, Qualcomm, and T-Mobile, who are known as strong supporters of 4G technology. In the past, individual forums and conferences have been held independently through various organizations to discuss 4G technology. This forum, however, offered every participant an ample opportunity to openly discuss various 4G technologies helping to reach the common goal of finding the most suitable and efficient way to bring forth the envisioned 4G world.
Two sessions of panel discussions took place under the subjects of: "Impact of WRC-07 on IMT-Advanced Services and Standards"and "Visioning IMT-Advanced Services and Technologies."Samsung's dedication and devotion in development of future wireless technologies was demonstrated during this forum as Samsung 4G Forum marked its fifth anniversary where Samsung 4G Forum has been widely embraced as a successful vehicle to heighten the visibility of 4G technology and its market realization.
In addition to 4G candidate technology evaluation, this forum provided a crucial opportunity to discuss the potential spectrum of issues regarding 4G services since its spectrum allocation will be decided at the World Radio communication Conference (WRC) in October 2007. In that respect, Samsung 4G Forum 2007 served an important venue to interested participants assessing 4G spectrum allocation as it was the last time when global experts gather to map 4G spectrum visions. Speakers forecasted spectrum policies not only from a global perspective but also from a regional perspective. Key presentations included best mapping strategies between spectrum bands and services, and preferred spectrum bands by each region.
Choi Gee-sung, president of Samsung's Telecommunications Network business, said "Taking technology leadership and investing resources in R&D are essential elements to achieve a continuous success in the telecommunications business. We will continue to invest in future technologies and contribute to the standardization efforts for 4G technology to lead the market."
"I am also pleased and proud to host the 5th annual 4G forum and to see how it has been growing in terms of its scale and contribution for the realization of 4G technology and its readiness to the market. Samsung 4G Forum creates a valuable opportunity for gaining new foresights and building business networks with distinguished people under various topics related to 4G Service. Samsung's 4G Forum is expected to make substantial progress in investigating 4G visions and enabling strategies,"he added in an opening speech.
Samsung 4G Forum 2007 consisted of an intensive two-day conference with relationship and network building sessions and programs. Latest innovative 4G technology demonstrations and exhibitions also took place. It offered participants a unique experience to acquire new information, to exchange innovative ideas and to interact with distinguished global experts.
Similar to the previous forum in 2006, the world's first 4G mobile technology was demonstrated during this year's forum. 'Mobile WiMAX Wave 2'using a commercial PCMCIA card was demonstrated for the first time since the technology was first demonstrated by Samsung at 3GSM World Congress earlier this year. Data speed comparisons of existing commercial Mobile WiMAX technology and 4G technology were showcased through video game applications. Latest Mobile WiMAX terminals and PCMCIA cards were also exhibited.
4G technology, so called IMT-Advanced, is the most advanced future mobile telecommunication system offering up to 1 Gbps data speed for a stationary environment and 100 Mbps data speed for a mobile environment.
2006 "service Requirements & Spectrum for 4G"
- World's first demonstration of 4G Technology
2005 "Revolution of Radio Access & Key Technologies for 4G Handover"
- World's first public demonstration of Mobile WiMAX bas station hand-over
2004 "Migration Path towards 4G Networks"
- World's first public demonstration of Mobile WiMAX technology
2003 "Global Strategy & New Air Interface Technology"(Closed Meeting) nw

Korean and foreign representatives from the global telecommunications community attend the 5th annual Samsung 4G Forum held on August 27-28 at the Seoul Shilla Hotel. (right photo) Choi Gee-sung, president of Samsung's Telecommunications Network Business, speaks during the forum.

Foreign participants of the 5th Samsung 4G Forum take a look into the exhibits during the forum.

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