KOIMA Dispatches Trade
Mission to North Africa

Builds a base for the exploration of Korea's import market in the Maghreb region in North Africa

KOIMA for nine days from June 19 dispatched a trade mission to three countries in North Africa and the Middle East, Algeria, Tunisia, and Israel, to explore Korea's import market through diversified activities.
The first stop for the trade mission was Tel Aviv, Israel, where they called on Shauli Katznelson, vice president of IEICI, an Israeli export association, Hai Zarvatch, head of the Korea section of the Israeli Trade Ministry, and held a meeting with some 50 officials from trading companies, government and related agencies to introduce the activities of KOIMA and Korea's import market. During a meeting of trade firms between and Korea and Israel, very active sales talks took place between them on such goods as printing equipment, security, chemical goods, IT, medical equipment, energy, metals, synthetic resins and others.
In the afternoon, KOIMA hosted a luncheon reception where some 50 people including Korean Ambassador to Israel Shin Kag-soo, Israeli government officials and journalists attended and exchanged opinions on the expansion of trade between the two countries.
Israeli export association and the Ministry of Commerce hosted a dinner for KOIMA mission in which Eli Aflab, Israeli Deputy Commerce Minister and other important people welcomed the KOIMA mission's visit, and expressed their high trust and expectations for Korea-Israeli cooperation.
The mission's visit to Israel is significant in that it has set up a bridgehead for expanded trade between Korea and Israel by finding new import products from Israel to Korea.
On the second stop of the tour on June 23, the KOIMA mission in Tunis met with officials of the CEPEX, the export promotion corp. of Tunisia and met with Tunisian trading company officials in a diversified activities to spur trade between the North African country and Korea.
KOIMA Chairman Kim Wan-hee called on Tunisian Trade Minister Mondher Zenaidi and Chairman Mabrouk Bahri of UTAP, Tunisia's agriculture and fishery association federation and discussed the issues related to expanding trade and trade information between Korea and Tunisia and exchanging trade missions on a regular basis on a private level through diversified activities.
During the visit, the mission explored the opportunities for imports of fruits and fish and other high-quality and competitive goods from Tunisia to Korea and exchanged opinions on joint investment and cooperation in business between Korea and Tunisia.
In the meantime, Korean Ambassador to Tunis Sohn Sei-joo hosted a dinner for Tunisian officials and business executives and for the KOIMA mission and attended the luncheon hosted by the KOIMA mission to provide his full support to the mission.
The mission's visit to Algeria, the last stop on the schedule, was made amid a warm welcome by the host country as President Roh Moo-hyun during his state visit to the North African country in March last year concluded an agreement to upgrade the tie between Korea and Algeria on the level of strategic companionship.
The mission called on Chami Mohamed, chairman of the CACI, the Algerian chamber of commerce, Korean Ambassador Chung Hae-ung, Ahmed Tibaoui, chairman of Algerian Trade Center, Moudjahed Brahim, director of the External Trade Bureau of the Algerian Commerce Ministry at a meeting participated in by some 50 Algerian government officials and business people to talk trade between Korea and Algeria. More than 25 Algerian companies attended the meeting with Korean trade firms in the mission, showing their deep interest in Korea's import market. Those Algerian companies included makers of such goods as electronics, cosmetics, medicine, chemical goods, building material, industrial equipment, and handicraft, among others.
Chairman Kim went on local TV stations and radio EN TV, and Radio II, III channel to explain the mission's tour purpose and KOIMA's efforts to close the trade gap between Korea and Algeria in Korea's favor. He called on Vice Minister of Commerce Boulaarak Armar and discussed KOIMA and the Alegerian government plans to improve trade environment between Korea and Algeria.
KOIMA hosted a luncheon and Alegerian trade promotion agency, ALGEX) hosted a dinner for government and private business executives providing opportunities for the exchange of opinions to expand the exchange between Korea and Algeria in a free and diverse environment.
Algeria is one of the countries in the Maghreb region in North Africa with the highest growth potential in the economy. Since President Roh's visit to the country, the exchange between economic organizations in both countries has been upgraded with the trade volume expected to continue to expand, showing the mission's visit was an appropriate and timely. nw

KOIMA Chairman Kim Wan-hee shakes hands with Tunisian Trade Minister Mondher Zenaidi at his office.

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