"Mission to Ensure
Safety of Nuclear Power"

Deputy Premier Kim urges those in the nuclear power industry to redouble awareness and focus on nuclear safety

Amid skyrocketing crude oil prices and a series of warning against global warming, nuclear power is drawing renewed attention as one of the cleanest and most economical energy sources. However, the need to step up awareness and focus on the safety of nuclear power to preempt an incalculable damage from negligence cannot be overemphasized.
About 600 government officials and people in the nuclear power industry, including Deputy Premier-Minister of Science and Technology Kim Woo-sik attended an official ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of Nuclear Safety Day held in the International Hall of the 63-story KLI Building in Yeouido on September 6.
During the ceremony, a total of 50 people were honored with diverse orders, medals and other prizes in recognition of their meritorious contribution to the development of the nuclear power industry.
The Order of Industrial Service, Bronze Tower, went to Song Myoung-jae, head of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Power Generation Division, while Song Jin-sup,
managing director Hyundai Engineering & Construction was conferred the Industrial Service Medal. Daewoo E&C became a company to receive the presidential award for its efforts to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants.
In his commemorative speech, Deputy Premier-Minister Science and Technology Kim Woo-sik called for the staff in the nuclear power industry, nuclear safety experts and researchers to do their utmost to ensure the safety of nuclear power. "Since an error could collapse confidence the nuclear power industry has so far built up, field staff responsible for nuclear safety, safety control experts and researchers should be imbued with a mission of ensuring nuclear safety,"he said.
"Our nation has joined forces with the international community's efforts to ensure safety of nuclear power and raise its reliability by attaining technology self-sufficiency through continuous construction of nuclear power plants and R&D, revamping restrictions on safety and expanding the public disclosure of information regarding nuclear safety,"the premier said.
In his commemorative speech, Shin Won-ky, president of Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS), said this past April Yongkwang Nuclear Power Plant Unit No. 3 got higher marks than nuclear units of advanced countries as a result of an inspection by the Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) of the IAEA, the highest one since the launch of the OSART service. In late July 2007, an expert review service by the IAEA also confirmed the safety of Kori Nuclear Unit No. 1, which is under review over whether the nuclear unit is allowed to be operated after the design life, and the safety of the nation's first nuclear waste treatment facility now construction will be investigated by the IAEA, he said.
The outcomes of reviews by the IAEA certify that the safety of Korean nuclear power has reached that of advanced nuclear power countries, the KINS president said.
KINS President Shin said Korea will strive to raise fairness and reliability to the extent that the public demands on the safety of nuclear power can be met with the ultimate goal of raising social acceptability.
Members of Women's Meeting for Nuclear Power staged street campaigns in 17 cities across the nation, including Seoul and Busan, from September 3rd to the 8th.
A forum on the safety of nuclear power under the theme "Safety of Nuclear Power and Challenges in the Future"was organized in Daejeon on September 11th by KINS with representatives from the nuclear power industry, academy and research circles participating.
Besides, nuclear power facilities were opened for the general public's observation tours, while diverse anniversary side events, including poster and catchphrase contests, also took place. nw

Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of Science and Technology Kim Woo-sik speaks during an anniversary event celebrating Nuclear Safety Day.

The participants of an official ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of Nuclear Safety Day held at the 63-story DLI Building in Yeouido on Sept. 6.

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